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Yone proves it – Ali the nightmare…Genji takes 4 sets

It was not to be for Genji Esports, as they took the fourth set and pushed the match to a fifth. Yone, who proved why he was picked, and Alistar, who knocked Maehanta’s key dealer into the air, contributed greatly to the victory 메이저사이트.

In the fourth set, it was Moon “Owner” Hyun-jun who took the lead. He ambushed Choi ‘Doran’ Hyun-jun’s gangplank from behind and made a clean dive. Han “Peanut” Wang-ho’s mao kaido mid-dive led to a kill on Chobi “Chobi” Jeong-hoon’s yone, but another gangplank threw the tower off balance. It was up to the rest of the team to give Doran a boost. In a four-on-four fight, they showed perfect skill coordination and took three kills without a single casualty. Gangplank also picked up one kill and two assists via his ultimate.

After suffering heavy losses in the lower lane, T1 focused their efforts on Jax, who took the initiative. Jax pushed the first tower before the 14-minute mark to spur their growth. Meanwhile, Genji Esports picked up the slack with an Azir kill in the mid. The first five-on-five kills on Herald of the Gorge resulted in a 2:2 kill exchange, with T1 taking the Herald. T1 slowly picked up the pace, slicing through their opponent’s dragon stack once as well.

At 21-minutes, however, a major mishap occurred when Jax was picked off in a suddenly open hantar. Genji Esports used Baron to force a battle of numbers, and with a perfect initiation from Alistar, they won big. With a Baron and three stacks of dragons as loot, Genji Esports extended their global gold lead to 5,000. Eventually, Genji Esports landed an ace on the final kill to seal the fourth set.


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