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‘World Cup-Impressed by Son Heung-min’ Fiji rugby prospect “I want to become the Korean national team”

It’s not pizza, it’s not pimples and sebum. Fiji is a small country with a population of 930,000 in the South Pacific. Even if you know Fiji, most of you know it as a resort, but few people know that it is a ‘rugby powerhouse’ that won two consecutive gold medals in rugby at the Olympics.

There is a boy who flew all the way to Korea from Fiji and spent all his first to third years of high school in Korea. The name of the boy who will start playing for Hyundai Glovis, a member of the Korea Super Rugby League, is Imoshi Lavati (20).

After watching the 2022 Qatar World Cup and Son Heung-min’s performance, I heard Lee Mo-si’s aspiration to wear the Taegeuk mark of the Korean national team as a rugby Son Heung-min.

In Fiji, it is a culture where children play rugby in every corner of the neighborhood, just like Brazilian children play soccer on the street. In an environment where everyone is passionate about rugby, Lee Mo-si also naturally found her talent by playing rugby.

His uncle, Henry Spate (35), is a former national team player and a rugby superstar. Another uncle, Iferei Mirawaqua (43), is also the manager of the Fiji rugby youth team, and his family is full of rugby genes. My aunt also inherited the gene, and when she was in middle school, she was already over 1m80cm tall and weighed close to 100kg. Equipped with power and speed, he walked the path of a promising rugby player. At the age of 16, he was offered a scout for the rugby team of a high school in Seoul who was looking for talent to adapt to Korea from a young age, and chose to go to Korea. 스포츠토토

“Korean dramas are famous in Fiji too. My mother especially watched a lot of Korean dramas, so I got used to it after watching it together. My family welcomed the offer from Korea and supported my challenge.”

Mosi Lee, who came to Korea at the age of 16 in October 2019, has been living with Korean high school students since 2020 as a first-year high school student. “I liked everything except that learning Korean was difficult. Maybe because I was big, my friends treated me well. My friends who played rugby with me were as physically as big as me, so we hung out together, joked around, and had fun living in Korea,” says Mosi Lee. There is no cold weather in Korea, so when I first came to Korea, I was surprised that it was so cold. Also, spicy food didn’t suit me well, but now I like meat jjambbong and pork belly.”


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