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Why the hell is the Hanwha Eagles without a national team member?

It happened on the 4th at the place where the final roster for the Korean national team was announced for the World Baseball Classic (WBC). When one of the reporters in attendance asked why no Hanwha players were selected, coach Lee Kang-cheol smiled somewhat puzzled and turned the microphone to Technical Committee Chairman Cho Beom-hyun. Chairman Cho replied, “I am sorry that I was unintentionally left out because I was selecting (the national team’s power) as the best.”

Regarding the laughter flowing from all over the place during the questions and answers, there was a question among baseball fans, ‘Isn’t it mocking a specific team?’, but it did not spread to a bigger controversy. Maybe it’s because Hanwha fans, who are called ‘bodhisattva’, generously cheered for the team’s poor performance and passed it over with self-deprecation. 메이저사이트

Among the Korean fielders who played for Hanwha last year, it was second baseman Jeong Eun-won who recorded the most outstanding performance. He showed tremendous ‘eye baseball’ by picking up 85 walks, the most in the league, and thanks to that, he also ranked 11th in the league in on-base percentage (0.379). But the problem was that the players who could be called ‘center line infielder’ competitors were stronger. Aside from Tommy Edman (St. Louis) and Ha-seong Kim (San Diego), who play in the upper leagues, Oh Ji-hwan, who is 4th in league home runs (25), and Kim Hye-seong, who is fast with a similar on-base percentage (0.373) (34 stolen bases, 2nd in the league) It was difficult to say that he was definitely better than Park Seong-han, who was eliminated from the final list.

The pitcher side is a bit more obvious. The pitcher who stood out the most for Hanwha last year was Jang Min-jae. He started 25 out of 32 games and recorded an ERA of 7-8 with an ERA of 3.55, serving as the light and salt of the Hanwha mound. However, Jang Min-jae’s performance was only 15th in terms of WAR and 26th in terms of ERA in the league as a whole. In the end, he said, among fielders and pitchers, there was no player who could definitely get on the WBC team.


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