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When ‘Director Lee’ comes, Heung-Min Son gets a pass for ‘Second Sabi’… The dazzling Tottenham best 11

Former Spain national team manager Luis Enrique is in the limelight as Tottenham’s next manager.

Local media reported that Chelsea contacted coach Enrique first and even had a meeting, but Tottenham was trying to intercept it. Britain’s ‘The Sun’ also reported, “Tottenham are trying to steal manager Enrique from Chelsea. Manager Enrique is strongly connected with Tottenham.”

Accordingly, ‘The Sun’ selected and released Tottenham’s ‘Best 11’ under the assumption that manager Enrique was appointed. In particular, coach Enrique has experience as coach of the Spanish national team, so he predicted that a large number of former Spanish national team members would join Tottenham’s best 11.

The most notable player is, of course, the 18-year-old genius midfielder, Pablo Gavi (Barcelona), who is called the future of Spain. He is a super divinity called ‘the second Xavi Hernandez’ and ‘the second Andres Iniesta’. He raised the possibility that Gaby could wear a Tottenham uniform when coach Enrique came. 안전놀이터

The media said, “Coach Enrique maintains a close relationship with the players of the Spanish national team. One of them is Gaby. Gaby’s future at Barcelona is uncertain. If Enrique takes over, Tottenham will be the front-runner to sign Gaby. could be,” he explained.

Front striker Harry Kane and left wing Son Heung-min were hereditary. The best duo in the EPL can receive Gaby’s pass. There is a high possibility that their firepower and synergistic effect will increase further.

Also included in the best 11 are Marco Asensio (Real Madrid), Pau Torres (Villa Real) and David Raya (Brentford). It can’t be Tottenham’s dazzling best 11.


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