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WC final referee, the same referee who angered Klopp two years ago

The long-awaited final of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Argentina and France clash on the 19th.

The referee has been decided for this game. The main character is Simon Marchiniak, a referee from Poland. This is the first time a Polish referee has been assigned to referee a FIFA World Cup final. Marciniak has been the referee for the France-Denmark match in the group stage and the Argentina-Australia match in the round of 16, so she has experienced both teams at least once.

When the referee Marciniak was decided as 메이저사이트 the referee for the final, the scene that became a hot topic in the past was recalled. This is a scene in which Liverpool manager Jurgel Klopp, the world-renowned ‘master’, angered referee Marciniak.

In February 2020, Liverpool played Atletico Madrid in the first leg of the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2019-20 season. Liverpool were the favorites to win the title as the ‘defending champions’. However, Liverpool lost 0-1 with one goal conceded by Saul Niguez.

In this match, manager Klopp exploded at referee Marchiniak. Britain’s ‘Daily Star’ reported, “When the referee for the World Cup finals was decided to referee Marciniak, there is someone who may not welcome it. It is coach Klopp. The World Cup final referee has angered coach Klopp in the UCL.” .

The media added, “At that time, in that match, coach Klopp was furious as he jumped up and down on the touchline. Coach Klopp received a yellow card from referee Marciniak.”

At the time, manager Klopp said: “It was clear that Sadio Mane was targeted. All he wanted was to warn Mane. That’s why I did it. We need a smart referee.”

Liverpool defender Ann Robertson also criticized: “The referees made mistakes, such as giving our throw-in to the opponent. The opponent started to fall easily, and the opponent kept falling.”

Liverpool, who lost 0-1, could not overcome the defeat in the first leg in the second leg, and were eventually eliminated in the round of 16.