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Ulsan mascot ‘Mita’ succeeded in winning ‘Mascot Class Leader’ after 3 moves

Ulsan Hyundai’s mascot ‘Mita’ was selected as the ‘Kyungnam Pharmaceutical Lemona K-League Mascot Captain’ after three attempts for the presidency. Pohang Steelers’ ‘Soedori’ took 2nd place, and Kim Chun Sangmu’s ‘Gun Shu-woong’ took 3rd place and was elected as vice-captain.

The ‘K-League Mascot Class President Election’, which celebrated its fourth year this year, is an event in which mascots from 23 K-League clubs mobilize to select a ‘Class President’ who will represent the K-League mascot for the 2023 season by 100% fan voting.

The class president election, which began voting on the first day of May in celebration of Family Month, was heated up with more enthusiasm than ever before. In this election, in particular, ▲the unique election campaign of mascots armed with a more colorful concept, ▲an additional voting function that casts one more vote than the basic vote, ▲visiting various club designated locations in connection with the Kick application, and ▲fans’ constant It was an election in which communication between fans and clubs stood out, such as voting authentication and ▲ each club’s active gift offensive.

This year, voting was conducted through the K-League membership application ‘Kick’, and the final ranking was determined by adding up the votes for 14 days, which increased from last year. The voting results were announced through a live vote counting broadcast on the official K-League YouTube channel from 7:00 pm on the 15th.

As a result of the voting, Ulsan’s mascot ‘Mita’ was elected as the class president with a total of 31,523 votes. In the first episode of the 2020 K-League mascot class president election, Ulsan, which stayed in 9th place with the existing mascot ‘Geonho’, stood out in earnest in the class president election by achieving 5th place with the newly recruited mascot ‘Mita’ in 2021. In the 2022 election held just last year, a novel election campaign and enthusiastic response from fans caused a craze for ‘Mita’, but had to be content with second place behind Suwon Samsung Aguileon by a narrow margin.

In this class president election, which was the third election in which ‘Mita’ participates, Mita solidified her first place with a high vote rate from the beginning of the election, and maintained a wide distance from the second place until the end of the election, successfully winning the election stably. Pohang’s Soedori, who received 19,780 votes, took second place, and Gunshuung, Gimcheon’s, who received 16,811 votes, took the third place, taking the two vice-captain positions. Soedori is the third vice-captain elected after 2021 and 2022, and Gunshuung, who caused a sensation with the military spirit of this election, succeeded in winning the vice-captain for the first time since the election began. 토토사이트

A total of 13,127 people participated and cast 235,365 votes during the two-week voting period in this class president election, which was held through the K-League membership application ‘Kick’. A total of 7,080 additional voting rights, which can only be exercised using kick points in the app, were generated, suggesting the heated atmosphere of the class president election.

The federation planned the ‘K League Mascot Chief Election’ event to widely publicize the mascot that reveals the identity of each K League club. In addition, the ‘K League Mascot Class President Election’ provides a place for communication between fans and clubs, and furthermore, it is expected to increase K League profitability by activating goods using mascots.


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