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Tottenham refutes the news of ‘excluding’ Nagelsman from the manager candidate…”Nagelsman rejected!”

Tottenham Hotspur fans were frustrated by the news that Julian Nagelsmann had been left out of the managerial list. Here, there was also a counterargument that manager Nagelsmann, not Tottenham, had rejected.

Tottenham’s season is not satisfactory. Before the start of the season, he ambitiously aimed to escape from coach Antonio Conte, but the reality was grim. It has been eliminated from all cup competitions and has been confirmed as irrelevant, and it is difficult to even obtain a ticket to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL), which is the minimum remaining goal. At the current momentum, it seems difficult to advance to the European competition, let alone advance to the UCL.

There are many things to be resolved, but the most urgent is the appointment of the next coach. Since Conte was sacked in March, he has yet to name a successor. During this period, acting manager Christian Stellini stepped down, taking responsibility for the 6-1 loss to Newcastle United, and was replaced by coach Ryan Mason.

After Conte was sacked, several managerial candidates were discussed. Among them, Mauricio Pochettino, who led Tottenham in the past, Luis Enrique, who led the Spanish national team, and Roberto De Gerbi, manager of Brighton, were mentioned, and recently, Sporting CP’s Ruben Amorim and Feyenoord’s Arne Slot were also mentioned.

However, the top priority for negotiations is, of course, coach Nagelsmann. The British media ‘Football Insider’ said, “Nagelsmann is Tottenham’s top manager candidate, and the club has expressed its intention to wait until summer for this,” and a German report that Nagelsmann also wants the position of Tottenham manager came out. .

The problem was different. That’s right on the transfer market. The British ‘Independent’ said, “Chairman Daniel Levy wants to turn the situation around by appointing the next manager, and prefers to bring in Nagelsmann before the season ends. But convincing Nagelsmann to join will still take a fair bit of work. Nagelsmann wants decisive authority in the transfer market and is open to Tottenham. Chairman Levy is conducting negotiations to convince Nagelsmann, and if he does not get him, Feyenoord manager Slot will again be a major competitor,” it was reported.

However, it was recently reported that Nagelsmann was excluded from the Tottenham managerial nomination. Local media such as ‘Sky Sports’ said, “Nagelsmann has been excluded from the Tottenham managerial nomination.” The specific reason is not clear, but it seems that the disagreement has not been reconciled.

Tottenham fans were outraged by Nagelsmann’s misfire. According to the British media ‘Sports Bible’, a fan responded, “Among the young coaches, they say they are not interested in the world’s best coach with 스포츠토토 enough potential… It’s such a joke situation. I’ve endured enough.” Another fan voiced criticism, saying, “The club is not interested in a manager who meets all the conditions required? It’s very pathetic.” In addition, negative reactions such as “If you don’t want Nagelsmann, who the hell do you want?”, “Tottenham is over”, “Are you kidding? Tottenham has no vision”.

Counter-reports also came out. It is not that Tottenham rejected Nagelsman, it is the opposite situation. Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Director Nagelsmann refused the manager’s job because he was not satisfied with Tottenham’s direction. He rejected Tottenham’s offer.”


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