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The work that started with the announcement of retirement, coach Kim Yeong-hwan’s ‘Walking Slowly’

On the day the retirement was announced, coach Kim Young-hwan’s work began. I visited the college league site and looked at the performance of college players.

Suwon KT officially announced the retirement of Kim Young-hwan on the 10th. From the next season, Kim Young-hwan will serve as a coach to assist coach Song Young-jin, who has been appointed as the 8th manager of KT. After the end of the 2021-2022 season, he obtained FA qualification, signed a two-year contract, and had one year left until the contract expired, but after receiving an offer from the club, he decided to make a new start.

Coach Kim Young-hwan said, “After meeting with the manager and the secretariat, I decided to retire. I would be lying if I said I had no regrets, but I didn’t think about it for long. He kept dreaming of being a leader, and it’s not an opportunity that comes easily. So he made the decision relatively early after being offered.”

Coach Kim Yeong-hwan was nominated by the Daegu Orions (currently Goyang Day One) as the 8th pick in the 2007 rookie draft, which is called the ‘Golden Draft’. Then, while preparing for his debut season, he joined Busan KTF (now Suwon KT) through a 2-2 trade.

Coach Kim Young-hwan, who had been growing at KT, was traded again in 2012 right after he was discharged from the military and headed to Changwon LG. He has been an exemplary player on and off the court, such as taking the captaincy at LG, and returned to his parents’ home after being traded with Cho Seong-min (including nomination rights) in the middle of the 2016-2017 season.

Coach Kim Young-hwan averaged 8.9 points, 1.2 3-point shots, 2.8 rebounds and 2 assists in 665 regular league games. In the 2013-2014 season, when he was a member of LG, he placed first in the regular league for the first time in his debut and then went on to the stage of the championship match, but failed to win.

When asked about this, coach Kim Young-hwan said, “I have no regrets because winning the championship is something that doesn’t go my way. I don’t think my career has failed because I haven’t won. I have no regrets because I did my best in my career as a player.” 카지노사이트

When I asked coach Kim Young-hwan about the ‘game of life’, the expected answer came back. It was a match against LG held at the Changwon Gymnasium on February 24, 2017, when he belonged to KT. Coach Kim Yeong-hwan scored a buzzer beater with a 3-point shot in a situation where the shooting posture was not stable, giving KT a dramatic victory (77-76).Coach Kim Young-hwan said, “It’s a little bit like a game of life, but I want to pick a game where I put a buzzer beater. It was thrilling the moment the shot went in, but it was a game played after returning to KT after playing for a long time at LG. It was both happy and sad, so it remains in my memory.”


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