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The team name is Tiger, the attack power is Cat… KIA’s historical emptiness

KIA Tigers fell to the bottom of the league with the worst offense.

On the 16th, KIA lost by allowing Lee Jung-hoo a walk-off home run at the end of the 10th inning. KIA has a 3-8 win rate of .273 and is the only one in the league with a win rate in the 20% range.

KIA only won 1 out of 6 games last week. They are currently on a four-game losing streak and their total points during the losing streak is just five. There is no score for 16 consecutive innings as they have not scored since the 3rd inning against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 15th.

The reason for the sluggishness is because of the terrible attack power. He finished with a team batting average of .238, on-base percentage of .310, and slugging percentage of .298, all of which ranked last in the league. The score is also overwhelmingly low with 30 points (49 points for Kiwoom in 9th place). However, kt scored 71 points, the second most in the league.

The biggest problem is sluggishness. The KIA’s current slugging percentage of .298 is the lowest in KBO league history. There is no team in the history of the KBO League with a slugging percentage in the 20% range (lowest 2nd place, 93 doubles, .301). The slugging/hit ratio is also the lowest in league history at 15.9%.

Teams with poor slugging ability sometimes overcome their weaknesses through foot baseball. However, KIA’s movements on the base are also not as nimble. Team stolen bases are 6, tied for the lowest with Lotte and KT, and the success rate is only 66.7%. The odds of extra runners advancing are also last at 31.4%, and runner-up production (RAA) against average is the lowest at -1.34.

In addition, the number of team double hits is also the highest with 13 times. Since double play is established only when there is a runner, the team with the highest on-base percentage is usually at the top. KIA has the lowest on-base percentage and the lowest chance of double kills with 93, but is in a strange situation where it hits the most double hits. This is in contrast to the fact that LG, the first team in the league in on-base percentage and first place in double kill opportunities, is ranked second in the most double hits.

In a word, the current KIA does not have the most long hits in history, but it is a slow team that cuts off chances with frequent bouts even if it is hard to get on base, and 메이저놀이터 it is difficult to play foot baseball.

For KIA, Na Seong-beom, the main gun, and Kim Do-young, the best prospect in the team, left due to injury. There are more than two months left until the two players join. It’s time to make a breakthrough somehow.

On the other hand, coach Kim Jong-guk said, “There are no points in the scoring zone, but the players’ hits continue to come out. However, there are no hits from chances and long hits are lacking. I know that. I have an obsession, but I want you to follow your own routine and do what you have prepared,” he encouraged the players.


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