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The main character of the final ticket with one left is… ‘spear’ France? ‘Shield’ Morocco?

Now, in 7 hours, France and Morocco meet on the final road to the finals. Historically, the strengths of both teams are also opposite. The match between the two teams is, in a word, a ‘spear and shield showdown’.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


The sharpness of the spears of France was already revealed by the numbers.

They have scored 11 goals in their last 5 matches and 2.2 goals per match.

A thunderbolt-like mid-range shot penetrates the corner of the goal post, and a long cross jumps lightly to score a goal.

Even with a ball stabbed through a gap in the tight defense, he shakes the net and cleverly finds an empty space to make a successful shot.

Mbappe’s strong shooting that followed broke through the defense and even made multiple goals, leading the scorer with Messi.

Morocco, on the other hand, had the toughest shield.

Own goals aside, they haven’t conceded a single goal in all five matches.

Even without fouls, he cuts off attacks with bold tackles and does not leave gaps in tight defense at set pieces.

When they got ahead, they lowered the defensive line and locked the door firmly, showing undisturbed concentration even in indiscriminate attacks.

Above all, the gatekeeper who puts on a splendid saving show in every game is holding on.

Yassin Bunu is writing a new 메이저사이트 history in the World Cup by recording three scoreless matches, and this is why the confrontation with Mbappe, who is aiming for a chance to lead the top scorer, is attracting attention.

Because of the evil of colonial rule that lasted 44 years, the semi-final between the two countries, which is called the ‘conflict of history’ beyond football, will now take place in about 7 hours.

One statistics company predicted the chances of winning the World Cup at 35% for France and 13% for Morocco.


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