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After JDG and BLG, TES takes on another playoff contender.

LGD-EDG, WBG-UP and TES-OMG will compete in Day 5 of Week 6 of the 2023 LPL Summer at the Hongqiao Tiandi Cultural and Performance Center in Shanghai, China, starting at 4 p.m. on July 7. The Korean mercenaries will be playing two games of Dushai (WBG) and three games of Rookie (TES).

In Game 1, LGD will be looking for another upset against EDG.

In their last match, the two teams did the exact opposite. LGD swept playoff-bound WE 2-0, while EDG, whose playoff fate is uncertain, dropped a 1-2 decision to TT.

With both teams in opposite situations, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

In game two, Weibo Gaming (WBG) faces Ultra Prime (UP).

Weibo’s upset loss was not a surprise. In their last match, they were overwhelmed by their opponents, especially Dershay-Wright, who didn’t record a single kill-assist until the end of game one, and struggled with a “cube day” in the top lane.

WBG managed to take the second set thanks to Crisp-XiaoHu (Rakan-Niko), but they were unable to overcome WE’s aggressive offense. Something needs to change.

If they lose even to Ultra Prime, who are on a four-game losing streak, Weibo Gaming will be reliving their spring season nightmare. With two wins still needed to clinch a playoff spot, can Weibo Gaming pull off a clean sweep against UP?

In game three, Rookie’s Top Esports (TES) will face another contender, OMG.

OMG is a powerhouse with a current record of 8-3. Notably, like BLG-JDG, they have been in solid form, not allowing a single upset this season 토토사이트.

If they can beat TES in this match, they’ll be able to secure some extra wins before the playoffs, as their remaining games are against relatively easy teams like TT-AL-EDG-RA. A win would put them at 14-3.

TES has a 9-4 record. However, they are struggling as they were clearly swept by JDG-BLG. In particular, they allowed an upset to WE in Week 5, which put them at a disadvantage in the standings battle.

They need to win this match to reverse their position against OMG. In particular, the team’s superiority in set points (+7) is an advantage over OMG (+4). With a win against OMG, they can reach a maximum of 12 wins (4 losses). With only UP-AL remaining in the bracket, this is not unlikely.

The game will be broadcast on Africa TV (Korean), the official website, three Chinese streaming channels, and Twitch and YouTube.


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