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Statistical site “Napoli remaining 18G, winning probability 98.76%”

A sports statistics site predicted the odds of winning the European big leagues at the end of the winter transfer market. Kim Min-jae’s SSC Napoli was predicted to have a 98.76% chance of winning despite having 18 games left.

On the 2nd (local time), sports statistics site Opta released the odds of winning the current top team in the Italian Serie A, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga.

Napoli has progressed to 20 games and there are 18 games left, almost half of them until the end of the league. Nevertheless, with 53 points from 20 games, it is 13 points behind second place Inter Milan (40 points). The power is also overwhelming. Accordingly, Opta made an amazing prediction of a whopping 98.76% chance of winning. Despite the absence of key players such as Lorenzo Insigne and Coulibaly, transfer students such as Kim Min-jae showed great success, 메이저놀이터 acknowledging the strength of Napoli, which suffered only one defeat in 20 games.

In La Liga, which has played up to 19 matches, just half of them, Barcelona is first with 50 points, ahead of Real Madrid with 45 points. Barcelona’s odds of winning are 77.79%, predicting that Real Madrid won’t be easy coming from behind.

Arsenal, which has progressed through 20 games with 50 points and is ahead of Manchester City with 45 points despite progressing through 19 games, was expected to have a 52.54% chance of winning because Man City’s power is so outstanding.


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