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Seongnam one-club man returns… Yeon Je-woon “You can stay! Don’t give up”

“I think I can stay enough.”

Yeon Je-woon is a Seongnam one-club man. He is also Seonggol Youth who graduated from Poongsaeng High School, Seongnam Youth. Yeon Je-woon, who debuted in 2016, did not go on loan and played only in Seongnam, establishing himself as the team’s representative center back. He is a player who has experienced all of Seongnam’s relegation, promotion, and dramatic K-League 1 retention. He can be seen as a living 온라인카지노 witness who has experienced the history of Seongnam from the late 2010s to the early 2020s.

Yeon Je-woon, who left Seongnam for a while to enlist in the military at the end of 2020, was discharged and returned on September 7, 2022. Yeon Je-woon only played 11 games in Gimcheon. In 2021, he did not play at all due to injury. It won’t be until 2022 that he gets to play and get a feel for the game. It is known that during his last years of vacation, he came to the clubhouse and trained with the players to acclimatize.

He did not train, but he watched the game with Tancheon Sports Complex as a spectator. While Yeon Je-woon was away, Seongnam fell into a serious crisis. Currently at the bottom of the table, automatic relegation is likely. The situation is turbulent as manager Kim Nam-il has been sacked and rumors of the club’s existence crisis from Seongnam City Hall have come out. This is why Seongnam fans welcome the return of Yeon Je-woon, a one-club man and spiritual supporter of Seongnam.

Yeon Je-woon will go beyond defense and hold the center of the team. ‘Interfootball’ interviewed Yeon Je-woon through a phone interview, who will work hard for Seongnam’s miraculous survival while breathing with veteran Kim Ji-soo and veteran Kwak Gwang-seon. Yeon Je-woon showed his affection for Seongnam without regret and burned his will to stay.

Q. Seongnam fans really waited.

– You contacted me a lot. There were people who welcomed me even before I was discharged. I came up from Seongnam youth and it seems that Seongnam has been welcoming me for a long time. I was really grateful, but on the other hand, it was a lot of pressure. As a player, it is definitely a burden. If I play against Gangwon FC, I will do my best to win.

Q. I heard you have a herniated disc.

-He had an MRI scan at the hospital, and he said it was much better. I feel like I’ve gotten better too. I think you’ll just have to manage it well.

Q. What is the biggest change from 2 years ago?

– There is a club house. It’s so good when you exercise. Before that, there were many inconveniences. For example, in the past, individual exercise was not possible because you had to take a bus to move after exercise. Not anymore. After team training, individual training is possible. It’s nice to be able to use the clubhouse sauna instead of renting a sauna. I found out why a clubhouse was needed.

Q. I know you often came to watch Seongnam matches during your vacation in your later years.

– I watched the matches between Suwon FC and Ulsan Hyundai (Seongnam won both games). I was moved by the way the fans cheered me on even in a bad situation. In the rain against Ulsan, they cheered passionately. I was filled with the thought of wanting to quickly become an addition to the team.

Q. I think I will remember when I played against Seongnam as a member of Gimcheon.

– At the time, it was an opportunity for Seongnam to get out of the bottom. He doesn’t get very nervous before a game, but it was different then. When I went to Seongnam Stadium, I thought a lot. I thought a lot about what to do. The conclusion of the contemplation was ‘Let’s do our best in the stadium’. He put all his heart into the game and won. After it was over, I felt sorry and sorry to the fans. It remains a complex game in many ways.

Q. The game against Daegu, which was important to Seongnam, was discharged. I would have regretted not being able to run.

– I watched the game on my cell phone at home. Had Daegu been caught, the possibility of staying could have increased, but it was regrettable that we lost. Still, there are still good odds. I believe that if we win step by step from the Gangwon match, another opportunity like the Daegu match will come while reducing the gap.

Q. You went through a lot of things in Seongnam and gained experience. How can we overcome the current crisis?

– I think it won’t be any more if you hurry. It is impossible to overcome with willpower alone. You have to look at each game one at a time and approach it calmly. There were many good times in Seongnam, but there were also many bad times. What I learned at that time is that if you don’t like it, you need to be more calm. I believe that good opportunities will come if we win one game at a time starting from the match against Gangwon. I want to impress my fans.

Q. What are the strengths of Seongnam that can be put forward?

– There is no player who is so incredibly good that he is consistently selected for the national team. Still, I think it can be said that the mindset to think of the team without standing out from each other is a stronger strength than other teams.

Q. What did you talk about with coach Jung Kyung-ho, who is now acting coach?

– We didn’t share any special stories. The memorable words were “I hope you will help me and work hard next to me.”

Q. The defense team you have to work with has completely changed from before enlisting.

– It is true that we are not perfect in terms of breathing and communication because we did not train a lot together. In the current situation, that is an excuse. You have to get it right somehow. My strength is that I get along well no matter who I play with. I plan to match well to bring out the individual strengths of my colleagues.

Q. Did you feel anything while watching Kim Ji-soo (born in 2004), who is the same sacred bone youth?

– Looking back on my high school days, I would never have been like (Kim) Ji-soo. I think Jisoo, who is playing confidently in the pro at that age, is amazing. He is bold and full of confidence for his young age. He talks a lot to his brothers. He felt that his skills as a soccer player were good, but his personality was also good.

Q. It must be regrettable that you couldn’t wear the same number 20 as your symbol.

– Unfortunately, the current owner of number 20, (Kwak) Gwang-seon hyung, has also worn number 20 for a long time. I chose number 32. This is my uniform number in my first year. With the idea of ​​going back to the beginning, he wore number 32.

Q. Did you have a conversation about Seongnam in the army with Yoo In-soo, who was in the military?

– From the military, I watched and cheered for the Seongnam game. We agreed that the fans expect a lot from us. I don’t think Seongnam will change dramatically if we come back. I just want to help the team. (U) The idea of ​​acquisition is the same. After getting along well, I promised myself that if I entered the stadium, I would show good performance.

Q. If you would like to give a message to your fans.

– We will do our best to repay the fans’ support. The team is in a very bad situation, but I think they can stay sufficiently. I hope the fans don’t give up either. I ask for your support.


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