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Park Chan-ho “I will become a good much talker, not a two much talker

‘Korean Express’ Park Chan-ho, KBS WBC commentator, declared that he would become a good much talker, not a two much talker.

Commissioner Park Chan-ho, who will start broadcasting on March 9th (Thursday) at 12:00 noon with Australia and the first match of the preliminaries, has a special mindset for this WBC. He had already visited the national team’s field training site in the United States, and also visited the site of the first evaluation match between the Korean national team and the Orix Buffaloes held in Osaka, Japan on the 6th. He gave the national team solid advice as a senior, saying, “We must not reproduce the pain of being eliminated from the WBC preliminary round and failing to qualify for the Olympic medal spot.” told next

Q. Why did you go all the way to the US to check the status of the WBC national team?

What I heard and what I saw and experienced is different. The local weather was very bad. If you don’t go to the field, you won’t know how much effort the players have put in. I also saw Ha-seong Kim’s preparation, checked the players’ commitment and determination, and gave advice and advice. I believe that this team is a very structured Korean national team that fits this era.

Q. If you recall Park Chan-ho during your national team days, what would it be?

It was like going to his native house. For me, the national team felt like a reunion with my childhood friends from elementary, middle, and high school who usually lived apart but went back to their hometown during the holidays. There was excitement to wear the Taegeuk mark with them, and affection and responsibility grew. In addition, the games we promoted were opportunities to give dreams and hopes to the people. Even now, I miss those times and feel rewarding.

Q. Wasn’t Park Chan-ho of the 2006 WBC as much of a presence as Son Heung-min in the current World Cup?

no. There was no such feeling at all. Because I wasn’t in my prime at the time. On the way to the downward trend, thanks to the WBC, he laid the foundation for a comeback. The WBC was an opportunity to regain my confidence. Didn’t other teams also think at that time, ‘Park Chan-ho, who is powerless, is better than younger players’? At the time, I remember that the captain of the national team, Lee Jong-beom, asked us to “strengthen teamwork so that conflict between the domestic and foreign players does not arise.” So I called the major leaguers and talked to them, and as a result, communication went well and the atmosphere was really good. 토토사이트

Q. Returning to 2023, how do you forecast the national team’s skills this time?

Now, our national team is standing at the crossroads of an important ‘mission’ to imprint the skills of Korean baseball once again. While there are a lot of high-quality players in Japanese baseball right now, Korean baseball is somewhat stagnant. The pain of being eliminated from the WBC preliminary round and failing to qualify for the Olympic medals should not be reproduced. The phrase “older players played better” shouldn’t come from baseball fans. You have to show that you have changed.


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