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Park Byeong-ho’s pursuit of 2 RBIs + Park Kyung-soo’s 3 RBIs… kt, 0-4 to 12-7 come-from-behind victory

Park Byeong-ho, born in 1986, changed the atmosphere, and Park Kyung-soo, born in 1984, nailed it. With two veterans at the fore, kt broke a losing streak and won 10 wins.

KT Wiz won a 12-7 victory over the LG Twins in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 16th. After ending a two-game losing streak, kt was the last to achieve 10 wins. 10 wins, 2 draws and 22 losses in 34 matches, winning rate is 0.313.

Park Kyung-soo’s sweeping double with two outs loaded in the fifth inning with a 6-5 lead was the decisive blow. As Park Kyung-soo took a 9-5 lead with 3 RBIs and a double, pitcher management became much easier. Starter Wes Benjamin became the winning pitcher even with 5 runs in 6 innings.

In the top of the first inning, he missed the chance to run on first and second base safely, and the bad luck of Anthony Alford being replaced due to back pain overlapped. In addition, the defense at the end of the first inning allowed 4 runs first. Benjamin got a timely hit from Oh Ji-hwan and gave up a 3-run home run to Kim Min-seong.

kt launched a counterattack with a long hit in the 4th inning. Leading batsman Jang Jun-won’s left-handed hit, followed by Kim Sang-soo’s walk and Cho Yong-ho’s one RBI hit after a run.

Park Byeong-ho’s two-run double hit chased them to 3-4, and Moon Sang-cheol’s left-running two-run homer turned the ball around 5-4. Park Byeong-ho’s double was a ball that hit the uppermost part of the wall deep in the middle right. Trackman’s estimated flight distance is 126.4m. Moon Sang-cheol’s home run was recorded at an estimated distance of 123.9m.

kt allowed a 5-5 tie in the 4th inning, but changed the mood with mass scoring in the ensuing attack. Following the 3rd inning, the center batting order showed concentration again this time.

Starting with Cho Yong-ho’s walk, Park Byeong-ho hit left-handed, and Moon Sang-chul walked on base to make the bases loaded. In Seong-Woo Jang’s at-bat, Cho Yong-Ho stepped home with the opponent’s catcher’s fastball and took a 6-5 lead again. The next hitter, Park Kyung-soo, summoned all three runners with an exquisite batting ball that exceeded the height of the third baseman. Park Byeong-ho scored 900 points in the 29th in the KBO League with this goal.

KT, who led 9-5 until the 6th inning, continued to score points after the 7th inning and consolidated the victory. Jang Seong-woo in the 7th, Kim Sang-soo in the 8th, and Kang Baek-ho in the 9th hit the right time.

Benjamin became the winning pitcher with 5 hits (2 homers), 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and 5 runs (1 earned run) in 6 innings. All 4 runs in the 1st inning were scored after 2 outs following an error, so all of them were treated as unaccounted for. 7 strikeouts is the most in one game this season. Even with a 5-point gap, kt finished the game with Kim Jae-yoon.

LG’s winning streak ended in two games. Starter Kim Yun-sik gave 5 runs in 3 innings and embraced the loss. Kim Yun-sik gave up three hits until 카지노사이트 the second inning, but did not concede, but as the third inning began to hit long hits, the number of runs increased.

In the offense, 4 home runs were hit. Kim Min-seong achieved 700 RBIs in the 58th in the KBO League with a 3-run home run in the first inning. After returning to the first team, Lee Jae-won recorded his first home run, followed by a home run in consecutive hits. It is the first multi-home run game in 366 days since the KIA match on May 15 last year. Park Dong-won, who topped the home run list, hit double-digit homers for five consecutive years with his 10th home run.


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