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One fan indefinitely banned from entering ‘withdrawal’… Incheon’s ‘decision’ to be applauded

On the 14th, after the Jeonbuk Hyundai War ended, Incheon United issued a ‘indefinite ban’ on the person who threw a water bottle on the ground. It is a preemptive and decisive decision to create a healthy cheering culture.

On the 18th, the Incheon club announced through the club’s official channel, “We have decided to ban all Incheon-related games for an indefinite period of time for the party involved in the incident that occurred after the end of the 13th round home game. In order to prevent a recurrence in the future, we received a written oath from the party involved in the incident promising not to enter all games, including home and away games.”

“Violence cannot be justified for any reason, and we are willing to respond strongly to issues related to this,” he said.

According to the club, a fan who was banned from entering indefinitely threw a water bottle onto the ground after the last game against Jeonbuk, causing controversy. It is known that the game supervisor did not see the scene directly because the incident occurred after the game was over and all the players had left.

However, the Incheon club directly reported this fact to the Professional Football Federation and preemptively decided to discipline the spectators. 메이저놀이터 As the person concerned is an Incheon fan, it was an issue that could have been passed over at the club level, but the club decided to respond strongly through an in-depth internal meeting. It is known that there was even a plan to claim the right to indemnity from the person concerned if discipline such as a fine at the federation level came out.

An official also said in a phone call with this magazine, “It is an expression of our will to respond strongly and preemptively to violent incidents. The party came to the secretariat, signed the pledge, and humbly accepted the club’s disciplinary action. Still, it was necessary to take a preemptive, firm and active response to create a healthy cheering culture where children can visit safely.”


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