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Oladipo injured left knee to end season

The Miami Heat suffered a huge loss in the playoffs.

According to reporter Shams Charania of 『The Athletic』, Miami’s Victor Oladipo (guard, 191cm, 97kg) is coming to an end this season.

Oladipo was injured in Game 3 of the first round of the playoffs against the Milwaukee Bucks on the 23rd (Korean time). He injured his left knee that day and has not returned since. Upon examination, he suffered a serious injury that ruptured his patellar tendon, and he will not be able to return for this playoff.

On this day, he played 19 minutes and 6 seconds before the injury, recording 8 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 steals and 1 block. However, he was seriously injured during the match and had to leave the field. On this day, Miami regained the series lead with a 22-point victory over Milwaukee. However, Oladipo, who had to add strength from the bench, was in a big crisis as he broke away from the front line.

Miami has been plagued by major injuries in this series. Even during the season, the power composition was not perfect due to major power injuries. However, Tyler Hiro, who can be said to be the team’s main gun in the playoffs, ended this season with an injury, and even Oladipo was injured in the third game on the day, leaving regret. All of a sudden, two key players were unable to play.

Oladipo only played 8 games last season due to injury. He was traded to Miami during the 2020-2021 season, during which time his contract expired. Eventually, he signed a rather modest contract with Miami. However, this season, he could not play for about half of the season due to injury, and he suffered a serious injury in the playoffs, leaving a lot of regret.

He has appeared in 42 games this season. He recorded 10.7 points (.397 .330 .747), 3 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.4 steals in 26.3 minutes per game. He didn’t play much last season, but compared to his average of 12.4 points, he was lackluster overall. However, as he played in over 40 games, he was expected in the playoffs. However, he was unable to escape the injury even with this, and he was at a crossroads in maintaining his career as a player in the future.

Even before joining Miami, he stood tall as the ace of the Indiana Pacers. He came into the limelight as a pillar of the team, being selected as an All-Star for two consecutive years. But since the last 2017-2018 season, his average has steadily declined. He played for minimum wage last season and signed a two-year, $18.2 million contract last summer. He has a player option after this season. 안전놀이터


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