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NH Nonghyup Gimcheon City Branch participates in ticket book purchase relay for ‘2 consecutive years’

While the professional football K League 2 Kim Cheon Sangmu once again proceeds with the 2023 season ticket book purchase relay, the NH Nonghyup Gimcheon City branch joins in this year as well as last year to cheer for the second year in a row.

On the 27th, Mr. Cheon Kim held a ticket book purchase relay event for the NH Nonghyup Gimcheon City Branch. As a result, the NH Nonghyup Gimcheon City Branch became the second main character of the 2023 Gimcheon Sangmu Ticket Book Purchase Relay after owner Kim Choong-seop. The event was attended by NH Nonghyup Bank Gimcheon Branch Manager Park Ki-hwa, Agricultural Policy Support Director Kang Dong-ho, Gimcheon City Hall Branch Manager Kim Sang-cheol, General Affairs Team Manager Lee Nam-yeol, Kim Cheon Managing Director Bae Nak-ho, and Sponsorship Chairman Choi Han-dong.

NH Nonghyup Park Ki-hwa, head of the Gimcheon-si branch, said, “I am happy to participate in Kimcheon Sangmu’s ticket book buying relay for the second year following last year. “he said.

The 2023 season ticket book is in the form of an advance ticket book that can be reserved for home games, and contains 20 tickets per book. It costs 120,000 won per book, which is 50% off the regular price. Reservations are available for all seats, excluding table seats and expedition seats. 온라인바카라

You can watch the game after pre-booking online by entering the random number in the ticket book. Unlike previous years, the ticket book for the 2023 season is designed with the image of a player on each page, so the collection value is also high. Related inquiries can be made through the wired inquiry to the Secretariat Marketing Team (070-4105-4056).


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