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“New challenge” 454.2 billion won ‘new ML’ for Ha-seong Kim’s colleague… 0.167? No problem

The third season of the 14-year, $340 million (approximately 454.2 billion won) contract. However, after completely blowing the 2022 season due to injury, surgery, taking banned drugs and digesting penalties, he is playing a comeback season in two years. Fernando Tatis Jr. (San Diego Padres, 24) is learning a whole new baseball game.

In the absence of Tatis, San Diego’s starting shortstop has changed twice. It was Kim Ha-seong in the 2022 season, and Xander Bogatz this season. In particular, Bogarts is leading San Diego with a big success in pitching. With Bogatz and Kim Ha-seong in charge of the center infield, Tatis was forced to go to the right outfield.

Even two years ago, I occasionally played outfield due to a dislocated shoulder, but I wasn’t used to it. He showed slightly inexperienced defense in four games this year as well. On the 21st (hereafter Korean time), he almost collided with the Arizona Diamondbacks because he did not hear the call from Ha-sung Kim before returning.

Still, MLB.com pointed out the part where Josh Rojas (Arizona Diamondbacks) followed the ball well that day on the 25th. He also added that manager Bob Melvin thought it was a double hit in the first place. Tatis’ outfield defense is unlikely to be perfect, but “It’s not a sin if he was a little overzealous. Mistakes can be lessons.”

Bogatz signed an 11-year long-term contract, and Kim Ha-seong is also in the third season of the 4+1 year contract. Tatis is also tied to a long-term contract, but he is unlikely to return to shortstop right away. MLB.com did not rule out the possibility of Tatis returning to shortstop in the future, as Bogarts’ future is unknown. But Tatis said, “I’m just getting started. I am learning right field defense. It will get better every day.” 토토사이트

Also, Tatis said, “(Right fielder) is a new challenge. I fully accept it.” MLB.com also said, “It will take Tatis some time to figure out the intricacies of outfield defense. He has to learn to balance cleverness with aggressive moves. But it’s a very different look than when he switched to right field in 2021 to avoid injury.”

Bombed Triple A. Of course, MLB is different. 3 hits in 18 at-bats in 4 games, batting average 0.167, 1 home run, 1 RBI, 2 runs, OPS 0.544. However, he still needs to get used to major league pitchers and needs time to adjust to outfield defense. In any case, San Diego hopes that Tatis will safely adapt to the changed role and restore the past by bombarding the league. The role of Tatis is so important in a situation where the batting line is stagnant at the beginning of the season.


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