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NBA Daily Injury Report (February 6): Denver’s three main players likely to be eliminated

It is news that Denver’s key players are likely to miss the game on the 6th (Korean time).
‘Sports Illustrated’ reported that it is highly likely that key players such as Nikola Jokic, Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, and Kentavius ​​Caldwell-Pope will not play in the Denver Nuggets’ away game against the Minnesota Timberwolves that day.

Denver won a complete 20-point victory over the Atlanta Hawks at home on the 5th, and won three consecutive victories, firmly maintaining its lead in the Western Conference. 토토사이트

However, in the game against Minnesota, which is held on a back-to-back schedule, it is expected that the main players, including Yokichi, Murray, and Gordon, will not be seen. Denver is expected to give its key players a break after playing two consecutive games with Minnesota (away-home) on the 6th and 8th. In the injury report provided by the NBA, Jokic, Murray, Gordon, and Caldwell-Pope are marked as Doubtful with a very low possibility of participation.

Meanwhile, in the game on the 6th, Brandon Ingram (25, 203cm) and De’Aaron Pax (25, 190cm) have confirmed their absence, while Ja Morant (23, 190cm), who recently injured his wrist, is also known to be absent.


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