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‘Long Run’ GK Byung-Ji Kim “A small goal makes an unbreakable record”

The 1990s, when Kim Byung-ji (53) stepped onto the professional stage, was the goalkeeper’s spring and autumn era. Kim Byung-ji and Shin Eui-son (63), who left their names in the 40-year history of the K-League, are the motives for joining Ulsan Hyundai and Ilhwa Chunma in 1992 respectively. Lee Woon-jae (50) was also active at the same time. 

Among them, the best goalkeeper selected by experts is Kim Byung-ji. Kim Byung-ji, who received 6 votes out of 10 who participated in the vote for the 40th anniversary of the launch of professional football, proudly won the title of ‘Best’ in the history of professional football, beating Shin Eui-son (3 votes) and Lee Woon-jae (1 vote). 

In an interview with this magazine, Kim Byung-ji said, “It is an honor to be selected as the best player in 40 years of history. He went through a lot during his 24-year professional life, and in terms of compensation, it is meaningful and rewarding,” he said. 토토사이트 It was really fierce during the time we were together.” 

The skills of the three were so outstanding that it was difficult to distinguish superiority and inferiority. Even more so, each has different strengths. Kim Byung-ji had a ‘longer run’ in the K-League than both of his rivals. Due to the nature of the goalkeeper’s position, his life as a player is usually longer than that of a field player, but Kim Byung-ji has been active as a pro for 24 years. He also cited his long career as a player and his contributions in the league without hesitation as the reason for his rise to the top spot over his rivals. 

Most of the ‘most’ records in the K-League belonged to him. Kim Byung-ji, who played in 706 league games (most appearances), achieved 229 clean sheets (most scoreless). As he played an active role until the age of 45, he naturally holds the record for the oldest participation (45 years, 5 months, 15 days). For Kim Byung-ji, it was ‘pride’. He was keeping track of his records. 


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