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‘Leave Jaehyun Oh?’ Big nose hurt…Champion big shot came out of his hand

Seoul SK guard Oh Jae-hyeon (24) is classified as a defensive resource. Because he is better at defense than offense. Also, since there are many players with excellent offense in SK, it is often helpful for the team to focus on defense for Oh Jae-hyun. 

Oh Jae-hyun succeeded in the ‘big shot’ that decided the team’s victory in SK’s championship match. In the 5th game of the 2022-23 professional basketball championship (champion) held at the Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 3rd, Oh Jae-hyun cleanly inserted the open 3 store at the moment SK was slightly ahead 63-60 38 seconds before the end. 

SK won 66-60 against Anyang KGC with Oh Jae-hyeon’s 3 points, and recorded 3 wins and 2 losses in the championship game with 4 wins out of 7 matches, leaving only 1 win to win. In the regular league, KGC was 1st and SK was 3rd. It was the moment when the upset victory came one step closer. 

There is another reason why SK was overturned by Oh Jae-hyun’s clutch 3 points. Of course, it was because it was a shot that completely captured the victory in Game 5, but SK has a winning formula this season that says, ‘If Jae-Hyun Oh succeeds in three or more 3-point shots, he wins unconditionally.’ On this day, Oh Jae-hyun’s 3-point shot 38 seconds before the end was the third 3-pointer in the 5th game. Oh Jae-hyun scored 14 points in Game 5.  카지노사이트

Oh Jae-hyeon is not able to make many 3-point attempts because he cares about the defense. His 3-pointers made per regular league game were only 0.9. Sometimes the opposing team does not go into defense even when Oh Jae-hyun gets an open chance. That means he’s not a threat. 

KGC also doesn’t focus much on the outer defense against Oh Jae-hyun in the championship game. KGC coach Kim Sang-sik explained, “I didn’t throw away Oh Jae-hyun, but because he thought that if he was going to hit 3 anyway, it would be better to hit a player with a low probability.” 

In Game 5, SK focused on regional defense and KGC focused on defense under the goal. Both teams are defensive forms with weaknesses on the outside. However, in the 5th game, KGC threw 24 3 points and only 5 were successful, while SK put in 9 out of 24. In particular, Oh Jae-hyun’s last-minute 3-pointer was fatal for KGC. 

Oh Jae-hyun even showed tears after winning Game 5. He said, “It seemed to be a nuisance (because the attack attempts kept failing). Whenever my shot didn’t go well throughout the season, my colleagues such as Hyung-seon Lee and Jamil Warney always cheered me on and comforted me. I cried when I remembered those thankful scenes.” said. 

Jae-hyun Oh, who is criticized for his weak shooting, practices corner 3-point shots more intensively than other players. Oh Jae-hyun said, “Coaches throw the ball hundreds of times every training session to score three points right there. I also thought of that.”  

He laughed, saying, “Senior Kim Seon-hyung, Warney, and Heo Il-young all look so hard, so I think we have to finish the 6th game unconditionally.” The 6th round of the champ will be held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 5th. 


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