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‘KLPGA trend’ Minji Park signs sponsorship agreement with Taean Motors for 2 consecutive years

Park Min-ji, the star of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, is sponsored by Taean Motors for the second year in a row.

Audi official dealer Taean Motors (Chairman Seo Deok-joong, hereinafter Taean Motors) announced on the 12th that it would extend the sponsorship agreement with Minji Park, a popular KLPGA player.

With this sponsorship agreement, Park Min-ji will be sponsored by an Audi Q7 vehicle and will use it during tour activities, and will wear a costume with the logo of Taean Motors and compete in the game. He will also participate in various promotional activities for Audi through Taean Motors.

Following 6 wins in 2021, Park Min-ji won a total of 6 wins last year, including 2 major wins, and won a total of 16 wins on the tour. He also set a record of exceeding 1 billion won in prize money for two consecutive years for the first time on the KLPGA Tour, and stood tall as the top player on the KLPGA Tour, winning the prize money king and the most wins.

Taean Motors CEO Kang Hyung-gyu said, “I am happy to be with Pro Min-ji Park, who has solidified her position as the number one player in the KLPGA in name and reality last year, 카지노. this year as well.” It is the same as the appearance,” he said, explaining the reason for the support.

Park Min-ji said, “Thanks to the Audi Q7 sponsored by Taean Motors last year, I think I was able to adjust my best condition while moving comfortably during the tour.” stated its aspirations.

In addition to sponsoring professional golfers, Taean Motors is continuing various sports sponsorship activities, such as continuing to sponsor professional baseball through the Kiwoom Heroes club since 2016.


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