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Kim Jong-un’return to his parents’ Kim Han-byeol and Kang I-seul remain, WKBL 2nd FA deadline… Heejin Choi retired

The results of the WKBL 2nd FA negotiations have been announced.

WKBL announced the results of the second free agency negotiations on the afternoon of the 20th. Among the Big 3, Kim Jong-un returned to Bucheon HanawonQ, his ‘parent’, while Kim Han-byeol and Kang Iseul stayed at Busan BNK and Cheongju KB Stars, respectively.

During this 2nd FA period, there was not much movement of players. Lee Kyung-eun and Kim Jin-young renewed their contracts with Shinhan Bank in Incheon, and Go Ara, Noh Hyun-ji, and Park Da-jeong all renewed their contracts with Asan Woori Bank. In addition, Kim Han-bi, Kim So-dam, and Sim Seong-young also signed contracts with Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and KB Stars, respectively. Kim Ye-jin transferred to KB Stars.

During the 2nd FA period, it was Lee Jung-hyun and Park Ji-eun who failed to sign. The two players go through the third round of negotiations. 메이저사이트

Choi Hee-jin, who played in 390 WKBL games, announced her retirement. Isabine also retired.


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