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“Kim Ha-seong develops every year” Highly praised by the command tower… 9G already hit 2 home runs, long-term contract is not a ‘dream’

“It’s getting better every year”

Ha-seong Kim of the San Diego Padres started as second baseman and batter 6 in an away match against the 2023 Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves held at True East Park in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on the 10th (Korean time) and scored 2 hits (1 home run) in 4 at-bats and 3 RBIs. He played an active part with 1 point and 1 walk, leading the team to 3 consecutive victories.

From the first at-bat, Kim Ha-seong was on fire. Ha-seong Kim did not miss the 82-mile (approximately 132 km) slider formed in the middle of the strike zone by Atlanta starter Dylan Dodd in the first at-bat of a safe second-base scoring opportunity in the top of the second inning. Ha-seong Kim vigorously turned the bat and got off to a good start by pulling out the first RBI and double through the middle left.

activity continued. Kim Ha-seong got a walk in the second at-bat in the top of the 3rd inning, leading 4-0. Although he failed to score a follow-up hit, he completed the ‘multiple on-base’ game early on. And Kim Ha-sung’s sense of hitting really flared up in the third at-bat. He hit his second home run of the season.

In the beginning of the 5th inning, when Kim Ha-seong was leading 6-0, pitcher Lucas Rousey’s 75.6 mile (approximately 121.7 km) sweeper (slub-like breaking ball) fell very low outside the strike zone, but Kim Ha-seong fell very low. The bat was sharp. Kim Ha-seong scooped up the route’s breaking ball through the ‘golf swing’ and exploded a two-run four that slightly crossed the left wall.

Ha-seong Kim did not produce additional hits in the next two at-bats, but with three RBIs, including the second home run of the season, widened the score to 8-0 and scored the final hit, leading the team to victory. San Diego defeated Atlanta 10-2 thanks to Kim Ha-sung’s great performance, and ran for three consecutive wins.

Kim Ha-seong was sluggish with 8 home runs and a batting average of 0.202 and an OPS of 0.622 in 117 games in the first season of his debut. However, last year, he played in 150 games and recorded 130 hits, 11 home runs, 59 RBIs and a batting average of 0.251 OPS of 0.708, making remarkable progress compared to his first season. And the pace this season is even better. Kim Ha-seong is recording 9 hits, 2 home runs, 0.281 OPS and 0.937 in 9 games this year. 카지노사이트

According to the “San Diego Union Tribune” of the United States, Ha-seong Kim made 5 balls over 100 miles per hour (about 161 km) and 9 balls over 361 feet (about 110 m) last year, but he made bad luck that did not lead to a hit. suffered But this time, the goddess of luck smiled at Kim Ha-seong. Ha-seong Kim’s home run this season was the slowest and shortest hit by a San Diego player.


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