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June Kobe vs Barcelona friendly… ‘Iniesta’s farewell battle’

Major Japanese media outlets, such as Daily Sports, reported on the 6th that Andres Iniesta (Spain), born in 1984, who plays for Vissel Kobe in the J-League, is looking for a new nest this summer, with the intention of extending his active career. The stage of the Middle East or the United States is predicted.

Iniesta, a living legend of Spanish La Liga FC Barcelona, ​​entered the Asian stage through the J-League in 2018. From Kobe to the captain’s armband with a high-quality pass that does not rust, Dan Iniesta climbed to the top in the Emperor’s Cup in January 2020 and gave the club its first championship ever. In May 2021, Iniesta signed a two-year extension with Kobe, but at the time, considering the club’s financial difficulties in the aftermath of Corona 19, he also drew attention by reducing his annual salary by 20 billion won. I was satisfied with my life in Japan that much, and I did my best for the Kobe team.

After Iniesta came, Kobe was reborn as a leading team in the J-League as reform winds blew not only in the first team but also in the youth system. After finishing third in the league last year and achieving the best record in history, it is ranked first (7 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses, 23 points) so far this season.

However, Iniesta only played in two games this season due to injuries and other injuries. As he is of Korean age, he is having a hard time putting on a performance comparable to his previous one. ‘Daily Sports’ said, ‘Iniesta has a contract with Kobe until the end of this season, but it is true that the time to retire is approaching. However, he wants to keep playing and may move to a Middle Eastern or American club interested in signing him.’ 메이저놀이터

The Japanese media believes that he will throw a message about his future on the 11th, when he will celebrate his 39th birthday. When he announced the extension contract with Kobe two years ago, it was implemented on May 11 of that year, his 37th birthday.

Also, ‘Daily Sports’ emphasized that ‘Kobe will play a friendly match against Iniesta’s old club Barcelona at the National Stadium on June 6,’ and that ‘the stage will be (Iniesta’s) last heroic story in Kobe’.


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