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‘Japan has already started preparing’ official ball + Tokyo Dome effect

WBC official ball has more distance? How should the national team prepare?

The official ball of the WBC (World Baseball Classic), which opens next month, is a product of Rawlings, the official ball of the American Major League Baseball (MLB). The official ball for the KBO League is the Skyline, and Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) uses Mizuno’s ball. Since the result can be different depending on the subtle senses, the players started training to adapt to the official ball from an early age. The players selected for the WBC national team were provided with the WBC official ball long before the camp started and began to learn their senses.

Most of the national team pitchers who touched the WBC official ball used the expression “slippery.” It means that there is a sensory difference compared to the KBO league official ball. There was also a comment saying, “There is variation for each ball.” Pitching expert coach Kim Won-hyung also said, “The stitches are smaller.” Some players, such as Kim Gwang-hyun and Yang Hyeon-jong, who most recently entered the major leagues, have experience using Rawlings balls, but they have to adapt again.

The Japanese national team believes that there is a difference in terms of flying distance as well. On the 20th, ‘Daily Sports’ reported, “The fact that the WBC official ball has a longer distance than the NPB official ball is a hot topic among the players of the Japanese national team.” Japanese batters who hit with the WBC official ball said in unison, “It definitely seems to fly a little farther” and “It flies more lightly.” Although the exact numerical difference has not yet appeared, it is convincing enough because it is a matter of sense.

If the batted ball comes out farther, the pitcher’s part is more ’emergency’ than the batter’s part. This is because pitchers are more likely to hit extra-base hits. In this WBC, the Korean national team will play up to the quarterfinals (quarterfinals) at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Tokyo Dome is a famous stadium for home runs because of its structural characteristics. 토토사이트

The Japanese national team also started preparing early. Therefore, it is believed that the command of the breaking ball can influence the result of this WBC. This is the practical reason why a veteran pitcher like Yu Darvish, who can command a wide variety of changing pitches, is giving a ‘one-point lesson’ to the young pitchers of the Japanese national team.

The Korean national team also began preparing countermeasures in preparation for the characteristics of the official ball and the characteristics of the Tokyo Dome. The national team batters, who quickly improved their condition, are already showing a fierce sense of hitting in practice matches with KBO league teams. It seems that the direction has been set for pitchers’ adaptation training.


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