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It’s hard to sit on the Chelsea bench… Tottenham look interesting

Did Tottenham Hotspur find a resource to increase attacking creativity?

British internet newspaper ‘HITC’ quoted ‘AS Roma Live’, a local media in Rome, Italy on the 12th (Korean time) and said, ‘Tottenham Hotspur is not letting go of their interest in Hakim Ziyech (Chelsea)’.

The reason the Roma media mentioned Ziyech is because AS Roma under Jose Mourinho’s system is setting them up as a recruiting target. This is because Chelsea invested a huge amount in the transfer market last summer and last winter to recruit players, and Ziyech is considered a representative sale.

Ziyech joined Chelsea from Ajax in the summer of 2020. However, it is difficult to see it as a clear starter. In his first season, he recorded 2 goals and 3 assists in 23 league games, and in the 2021-22 season, he scored 4 goals and 3 assists in 23 games.

It is too much to regret about the playing time beyond the record. This season, as the manager went through frequent changes, it was often used as a replacement card or omitted from the list.

On the contrary, as a member of the Moroccan national team, he made a great contribution to the process of reaching the semifinals at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. It was evaluated that the connection was the best. It is true that Tottenham has a thirst for Ziyech, which naturally has a midfielder with poor offensive linkage. 스포츠토토

The media reported that ‘Chelsea is likely to send Ziyech for 18 million pounds (about 29.6 billion won)’. It is said that it is best to release Ziyech, who has signed a contract until June 2025, quickly in a situation where there are many overlapping positions.

The evaluation of Ziyech is not bad. Legendary French defender Frank Leboeuf told ESPN last year, “If Ziyech is at 100% level, you can count him as one of the best players in the world. I love you, but I think you haven’t shown it yet at Chelsea.”

In the World Cup, Morocco’s semi-final blast showed Ziyech’s performance not bad. It is the best for Tottenham in that Ziyech is still valuable. Given Daniel Levy’s negotiating power, it is analyzed that signing Ziyech is not too much. The fact that Tottenham has a climate of recruiting players worth less than 20 million pounds (approximately 32.9 billion won) without worrying about them also increases the possibility of signing Ziyech.


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