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‘Iron Man’ Lee Jeong-hwan’s promise “Achieving 3 wins this year… I want to be a father too”

Lee Jeong-hwan, who is in his third year as a reserve, is determined for the 2023 season. It is because the earnest (?) goal of wanting to become a father along with achieving 3 wins in his personal career is clear.

Lee Jung-hwan said, “After returning to the tour in 2021, it has been getting better every year. If my goal was to create a chance to win the previous two years, I want to win this season. We will prepare well before the start of the season.”

He debuted on the KPGA Korean Tour in 2010 and is currently recording two wins in his career. He tasted his first win at the 2017 ‘Kaido Golden V1 Open’ and lifted the second trophy in his life at the ‘Golf Zone DYB Education Tour Championship’ in 2018. He subsequently fulfilled his military service obligation and returned to tour in 2021. In the first year of his return, he competed in 17 competitions and passed the cut in 11 competitions, including a tie for 5th at the ‘YAMAHA-HONORS K Open with Sologo CC’ and a tie for 9th at the ‘KB Financial Live Championship’, finishing at 41st in Genesis points (1598.47). seated

In particular, last year, he participated in 21 competitions and showed steady performance by passing the cut in 14 competitions, including a tie for 3rd in the ‘Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Choi Kyung-ju Invitational’ and a tie for 9th in the ‘Golfzon-Toray Open’, ranking 36th in Genesis points (2183.72). I put my name on it. Lee Jung-hwan said, “The past two years have been a period of adaptation. He apparently lost a lot of his sense of the game while he was away on tour. He especially had a hard time playing on the green,” he said. “It was difficult to accurately read the green speed or slope. Still, he thinks that he has done well several times to enter the top ranks.”

His nickname is ‘Iron Man’. It was named because it uses accurate iron shots. In fact, Lee Jung-hwan recorded a high green hit rate of 78.44% and 72.60%, respectively, in 2017 and 2018, before enlisting in the military. In 2021, his first year of play, he dropped to 69.50%, but recorded 71.09% last season and entered the 70% range again.

Lee Jung-hwan said, “Since I played in consecutive tournaments, my stamina decreased as the season went on. He said, “The consistency of the shot collapsed, and I felt pressure to play,” he said. I’m also working hard on putting training,” he hinted.

I also saw the effect of weight training during my military service. 메이저사이트 The distance of the shot increased by more than 10 yards (about 9.1 m). In fact, Lee Jeong-hwan recorded an average drive distance of about 275 yards (about 251 m) in 2017 and 2018 before enlisting in the military, but in 2021 after being discharged from the military, he recorded an average drive distance of 284.55 yards (about 260 m) and last year of 289.29 yards (about 265 m). .

Another goal of his this year is to be a proud dad. In December 2021, Lee Jung-hwan married an elementary school classmate he had known for a long time and formed a family with her. I gained a sense of responsibility and a greater sense of security.

He said, “Before I went to the military and before I got married, I was mentally pursued for grades. It wasn’t like that recently, but thanks to his wife’s help, who made it possible for him to focus only on golf,” he said. He looked happy. When they see me, they say, ‘Hurry up and become a father’, but this year, I want to become a father with winning the championship.”


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