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I go to WBC→I can’t go→overturn again… Colleague Ha-seong Kim recalled in the ‘Kershaw Incident’

Nick Martinez (San Diego), who overturned his declaration of participation in the WBC, decided to compete in the event. In other words, he has ‘turned the turn over’. Clayton Kershaw (Dodgers)’s insurance contract sparked off Martinez.

US ESPN reported on the 20th (Korean time) that Martinez will participate in the WBC with the US national team. Martinez fills Kershaw’s spot, which was withdrawn from the national team due to insurance issues.

Kershaw was suddenly frustrated at the WBC on the 18th. While watching last year’s World Cup, he showed his desire to become a national representative in the WBC, and his team, the Dodgers, did not put a brake on his participation in the WBC. However, an unexpected conundrum, ‘insurance’, caught his ankle.

Major leaguers included in the 40-man roster are subject to insurance. If you are injured during the tournament and cannot play, the insurance company will compensate you for your salary during this period. However, there are cases where insurance subscription is denied depending on the history of injury. Kershaw was right here.

Miguel Cabrera almost couldn’t wear the Venezuelan jersey for the same reason, but Detroit sorted things out when he allowed him to play without insurance. However, the case was different for Cabrera, who was about to retire, and Kershaw, who is still a key player for the Dodgers. The Dodgers didn’t take that risk.

In the end, Martinez filled Kershaw’s vacancy. Martinez announced his participation in the US national team in December last year, but reversed it on the 24th of last month. At the time, Martinez explained the reason for the reversal, saying, “It is not polite to teammates to go to the WBC and face the opener when you are not sufficiently prepared as a starter.” 온라인바카라

Instead, he was named in the ‘Designated Pitchers Pool’, where he could be replaced after the second round. After the 2nd round tournament, it seems that the calculation was made that the condition could improve.

However, due to Kershaw’s absence, a pitcher’s seat was ‘punctured’, and the US national team had to find Martinez again. There are players like Kershaw who welcomed the WBC, but you can still read the atmosphere that major league pitchers are cautious about participating in large-scale international tournaments held before the opening ceremony.


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