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I couldn’t even guarantee that I would go to ML…’Oakland’ Fujinami, the reason why I was treated 10 times the annual salary

Shintaro Fujinami (28) of the Hanshin Tigers advanced to the major leagues and raised his salary significantly. 

After finishing the 2022 season, Fujinami knocked on the major leagues through the posting system. Ahead of the deadline of his contract on the 15th at 7 am, he agreed to a one-year contract with the Auckland Athletics. 

Local media reports that he receives 3.25 million dollars a year. 카지노.It is about 4.03 billion won in our money. Fujinami’s annual salary at Hanshin last year was 46 million yen (about 440 million won). 

Salary increased almost 10 times. It is the 5th highest paid among roster players on the team. Here, the posting fee (transfer fee) is $650,000. 

Japanese media gave meaning that Fujinami was treated unexpectedly highly. The sports media ‘NONSPO’ analyzed that her fastball of 161km, fork of over 140km, and sharp slider were highly praised for her command of breaking balls.

In particular, it was also emphasized that the walk rate, which was pointed out as a problem, was the best in the 2022 season. It recorded 7.6% last year, falling below 10% for the first time since 2016. 

The interests were right with Auckland, who needed reinforcement of selection. Oakland expects Fujinami’s competitiveness to be enough to play an important part in the starting lineup. If they perform well, the contract can be renewed in 2024 and the salary can be increased even more. 

Fujinami joined Hanshin after receiving attention as a rival of Shohei Otani (LA Angels) in high school. From her debut season, she emerged as her ace by winning double digits for three consecutive years. However, after that, she fell into the swamp of sluggishness and sluggishness, and only won 22 wins in 7 years. He went 57-54 with a 3.41 earned run average over his 10-year career. 

The 2022 season was also only 3 wins in 16 games. When the season was over and he declared a major league challenge, skeptical prospects were raised around him. He himself was concerned about not going to the big leagues, saying, “I have a bit of anxiety,” but he was treated generously with a salary increase of 10 times, and his dream came true. 

Fujinami is also looking forward to a confrontation with Otani, her high school rival. She will participate in the Arizona spring camp starting on February 15th and challenge the big leagues in earnest. 


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