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How Your Favourite Online Slot Was Made: The Online Slot Creation Process

The most played games on any online casino are slot machines – on average a massive 85%+ of any online casino’s game roster will be made up of slots. These exciting games that are played by millions of people every year are the end product of hours of meticulous designing and coding.

Maybe you’re one of these people who enjoy the odd spin. But whilst playing your favourite slot on a site such as an Ontario online casino, do you ever wonder ‘How the heck was this game made?’ Let’s take a deeper look at everything that goes into slots – from design to final product.

Designing A Fresh And New Concept
Any good designer knows it’s incredibly hard to start any design whilst you’re staring at a blank sheet of paper. You need something as a proverbial ‘springboard’ to jump off and spitball ideas from.

This is exactly the same with casino game design. Many new game design concepts will take inspiration from popular games before it but change things up, adding a slight spin on something done before.

It’s a fine balance. The idea needs to be new enough to attract and excite players… but also have elements that are proven to work and be popular with those same players. A substantial amount of time is spent in this phase as a great idea can sell itself.

Some software studios will also work with big-name brands and companies to make branded slots. These branded slots already have the appeal that comes with the name and can save time in creating a fresh concept.

The Programming And RNG
Once a new concept has been decided upon, work begins on the more technical aspects. Obviously, there are no physical reels on online slots, so the spins are represented visually via animations in place of mechanical parts.

Whilst the code for the animations and visual aspects of the slot are important, one of the most vital elements of code is the RNG or Random Number Generator system. This is essentially the heart and soul of not just any slot machine but any online casino game. It allows the element of randomness that’s found in real-life casinos to work its way online.

Having this RNG isn’t just key for random gameplay, it’s also a necessity for the game from a legal standpoint. Many governing bodies in the gambling industry have strict rules for fair gameplay and not meeting the standards can result in a heavy fine for the casino operator.
Alongside ensuring the RNG works properly, 토토사이트 casino games want to be fair for another reason: Happy players. Whilst the primary reason for any casino game – from slots to Blackjack – is to make the online casino that it’s featured on some margin of profit, this needs to be counterbalanced with keeping the game players happy.

The coders and developers behind the online slot can implement other fair play measures, such as setting the slot variance, to finely tune how high they want the return to player (RTP) percentage. This is yet another balancing act since an RTP that’s too high will lose the casino money, too low and no one will play.

Hunt For Pesky Bugs
Once the game has been thought out and fleshed out from a programming standpoint, now comes bug hunting. Just like any endeavour that involves coding, there may be stray code or rogue glitches that need ironing out.

Finding and resolving any issues which lead to crashes or glitches, however small, is a crucial and underappreciated step in creating online casino games. Not just because it improves the overall gameplay experience for the players to enjoy, but it also makes sure any nefarious players can’t use exploits or backdoors to try and rob the casino blind!

Making Things Mobile Compatible
Many, many online casino players like to enjoy games on mobile devices. Developers don’t forget this and take great care in making their games just as good on the small screens as they are on the big ones.

One of the final steps in the process is taking everything they’ve gotten so far and making the whole shebang run perfectly on both mobile web browsers and the relevant casino app if there is one. This may include changes to the user interface, checking iOS and Android compliance, making built-in payment options and streamlining things.

Finally, Double Checking Everything Is Compliant!
Once the game is ready to be launched, software developers will give everything a final once over to make sure everything meets not just their standards, but the standards of governing bodies. This includes auditing the slot, conducting ‘test spins’ to make sure the RNG is working, making sure the game is fair and a whole plethora of other things.

Now, this isn’t an exhaustive guide to every step that went behind your favourite slot game, more like a 10,000-foot view, but it shows the interesting and astonishing amount of work that goes into each and every one of these games!