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How we went from being down 20 minutes to leading for 70 minutes…Coach Bell says “high intensity training made the difference”

Head coach Colleen Bell analyzed the difference that ‘high intensity training’ made in the exhibition match against Haiti.

Bell’s women’s national soccer team (ranked 17th in FIFA) came from behind to win 2-1 against Haiti (ranked 53rd in FIFA) in the Shinsegae E-Mart Invitational Women’s National Soccer Team World Cup Qualifier at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 5 p.m. on Aug. 8.

The match was part of the team’s pre-tournament preparations for the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia-New Zealand 2023, and the team is expected to arrive in the ‘Land of the Showdown’ on June 10 after completing its final fitness checks. After adjusting to jet lag and the local environment, the team will face the Netherlands in a closed-door exhibition match on Sept. 16.

South Korea will field a 5-3-2 formation. Choi Yoo-ri, Son Hwa-yeon, Ji So-yeon, Lee Geum-min, Cho So-hyun, Kim Hye-ri, Jang Seul-ki, Lim Sun-joo, Shim Seo-yeon, Chu Hyo-joo, and Kim Jung-mi started.

Haiti lined up in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Roslore Borzella, Nerylia Mondesir, Melsie Dumone, Vacheva Louis, Sherri Gindi, Dayana Pierre-Louis, Ketna Louis, Jennifer Limage, Tabitha Jozef, Chelsea Shiffrey, and Curly Theus.

After the match, Coach Bell said, “We didn’t have a great start to the match, so we needed time to settle down. We haven’t combined since April. As expected, Haiti came out ready. We talked about it in training and in our meetings, but Melsie Dumone and Roger Borzella are players who can connect quickly up front. At the same time, we talked about our slow reactions. It was a similar situation when we conceded the goal. By keeping Hyo-Joo Choo in the middle and marking Dumone exclusively, we were able to turn the game around.”

The match was very intense. At the beginning of the first half, Haiti pushed hard. With Borzella on the right flank and up front, Haiti harassed the Korean defense and eventually took the lead. In the 16th minute, a killer pass from Dumone gave Mondesir a one-on-one chance with the keeper. He didn’t miss, and the lead was gone.

Bell made a change in formation to try and turn the tide. In the 25th minute, he switched to a 4-4-2 formation. Choo Hyo-joo was moved to defensive midfield and Kim Hye-ri was moved to right fullback. Ji So-yeon was given a more offensive role.

“First of all, Kim Hye-ri injured her ankle a little bit. I had to change her. Hong Hye-ji came on in the second half and I think she did a good job. Chu Hyo-ju played in front of the center back, so in a way, it was a back five.”

After the change, Korea took control. They kept attacking at the end of the first half, but couldn’t score. It paid off in the second half. In the third minute of the second half, Cho So-hyun dribbled into the penalty box from the left flank and tried to break through with four opposing defenders in front of her. In the process, she tripped over a defender’s foot and was awarded a penalty kick (PK). Ji So-yeon stepped up to take the kick and made no mistake. South Korea came back to win 2-1 in the 36th minute, thanks to a fantastic mid-range goal by Jang Seul-ki.

Commenting on Jang’s goal, Bell said, “First of all, we train for some scenes. In this case, she found the space to shoot and hit it, and I actually thought it would go over the goal. But I was really happy that it went in,” he laughed.

“At halftime, I said to Cho So-hyun, Ji So-yeon, and Lee Geum-min, ‘You guys need to lead this game with your height,'” he said. Because they are top-level players. I think they did a good job and that’s why we were able to turn the game around 메이저사이트추천.”

He also cited “high intensity training” as a key factor in the win. “Like I said, we started the game tough. The players started to get stronger as they played. I think that’s part of our ‘high intensity training’. “We pushed them hard this week, and we pushed them hard. They did a good job. The weather was very humid, which made a difference in training. It was a tough start, but I think they got stronger and stronger and that was part of the intensity.”

Bell concluded, “The common thread between the three Arnold Clarke Cup games, the two games against Zambia in April, this game against Haiti, and the teams we will face at the World Cup is that they have players with extreme speed. It’s a trend in women’s soccer. It’s something we’re not used to in our league, so I think we have to be prepared for it,” she warned.

“Right now, we are in the pre-tournament phase. During this period, we train our players at the highest level of intensity and give them time to recover. We met Haiti at the end of week three and we knew they were going to push us hard. When we were training, we decided that each day we had to produce certain numbers in the areas of high-intensity running and sprints. We met our targets every time and that’s why I think we did well today. From now on, we will enter a phase of sharpening. I’m happy with the way the athletes showed that despite the difficulties, they got stronger as the race went on,” concluded the press conference.


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