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Heo Soo-bong · Oreoll · Choi Min-ho · Jeon Kwang-in ‘Big 4’ establishment… Reasonable ‘Spring Volleyball’ reservation with Hyundai Capital

Men’s professional baseball Hyundai Capital, thanks to Heo Soo-bong’s 3 consecutive back attacks and 20 points, overcame OK Financial Group and secured second place, making a direct reservation for the playoffs. 

Hyundai Capital defeated OK Financial Group with a set score of 3-1 (25-22 25-22 17-25 25-18) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League home game held at Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do on the 1st.

Heo Soo-bong, the main player in the victory, poured in 20 points, the most in the team, including 11 points in the 4th set, including consecutive serve aces from 21-16.

Oreol scored 19 points, Choi Min-ho scored 11 points with 6 blocking points, and Jeon Kwang-in added 10 points.

After the All-Star break, Hyundai Capital, which opened the first game of the 5th round, was called 49 points (16-9).

OK Financial Group, which competes with Woori Card (39 points) for third place, failed to add points and stayed in fourth place (37 points, 12 wins, 13 losses).

As of the 1st, the middle ranking of men’s volleyball is 1st place Korean Air (55 points, 19 wins, 5 losses) and 2nd place Hyundai Capital (49 points, 16 wins, 9 losses) form the second round, and Woori Card (39 points) . 

KB Insurance in 6th place (27 points, 9 wins, 16 losses) and 7th place Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (19 points, 6 wins, 18 losses) are running a tough race. 

In this game, OK Financial Group’s main gun Leo, who was selected as the best player in the men’s division in the All-Star Game, struggled in the early stages, and Hyundai Capital seized the victory.

In the second set, Leo touched the antenna while landing after blocking, and when he hit the antenna while attempting an open attack, he made an expression that something did not fit well.

Taking advantage of Leo’s deviation from the track, Hyundai Capital blocked OK Financial Group’s attack with a long-term height and took 1-2 sets first. 스포츠토토

OK Financial Group made up for the 3rd set and took a breather thanks to Leo, who recorded an attack success rate of 83% and raised 6 points, but in the 4th set, Hong Dong-seon of Hyundai Capital suffered a strong serve.

Thanks to Jeon Kwang-in’s cool central back attack, Hong Dong-seon poured a powerful spike serve in a situation where he was ahead 10-9. The back attack split the court and widened the score by 3 points.

Then, in 13-10, Heo Soo-bong scored three consecutive back attacks and ran away to 16-11 and booked 3 points.

At OK Financial Group, Leo scored 26 points, but support from domestic players was lacking.

OK Financial Group setter Lee Min-kyu, who was discharged, was replaced in the second half of the first set and played a comeback match after two years.


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