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“He is the worst substitute manager in EPL history”

Tottenham’s interim manager Christian Stellini ended up being named one of the worst substitute managers in English Premier League history.

Stellini suffered a 1-6 defeat in the 32nd round of the Premier League in the 2022-23 season against Newcastle United held on the 23rd.

Two days after this, Tottenham decided to sack the acting coach Stellini. Stellini, who took over from Tottenham when Antonio Conte left the team at the end of last month, managed 4 matches as acting manager, but recorded 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses.

The matches Stellini directed were Everton (1-1 draw), Brighton & Hove Albion (2-1 win), Bournemouth (2-3 loss) and Newcastle (1-6 loss). In particular, he conceded 9 goals in the last 2 matches and fell into a sluggish 2 consecutive losses, and eventually he was kicked out.

Tottenham, where Acting Manager Stellini left, will be led by Acting Manager Mason. Acting coach Mason also has experience leading Tottenham after Mourinho was sacked in 2021. After the appointment of manager Antonio Conte, he returned to coach Dodge. 토토사이트

The Daily Mail has named the eight worst acting or interim managers in Premier League history after the sacking of Stellini. Unsurprisingly, Stellini was ranked first. As I said before, his managerial qualities were questionable.

Acting manager Stellini said after the game against Newcastle, “My career? I was a coach until the 4th game,” he said, evading responsibility.

Chelsea interim manager Frank Lampard was also named. Graham Porter returned to Chelsea after being sacked earlier this month, but Chelsea continue to lag behind in the Premier League table. They lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League. After he took the baton, he suffered the humiliation of losing all four games. The 4th consecutive loss is the first in 30 years since 1993.

In addition, John Carver, who was appointed interim manager of Newcastle United in 2015, Terry Connor of Wolverhampton in 2012, Steve Keane, Alan Shearer of Newcastle, Joe Keener, and Steve Wigley were disgraced as the worst manager.


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