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‘Foxy Nine’ Jung Jae-seong “My score today is 10 out of 100”

DRX’s ‘Foxy Nine’ Jung Jae-seong expressed regret over his performance despite the win.

Jung Jae-sung’s team, DRX, won the VALORANT Champions Tour 2023 Pacific Week 5 match against Gen.G with a set score of 2 to 1, which was held at the Sangam African Coliseum in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 22nd. On this day, Jung Jae-seong showed flashes several times playing Jet and Raise, but overall he played a disappointing game, recording an over-death and not exceeding 200 points in the average combat score (ACS).

Jeong Jae-seong, who was interviewed after the game, was also full of regret about his performance. Regarding his impressions of the match, he said, “It feels good to win 2-1. I felt sorry for myself.” He said, “The score of my play today is 10 points out of 100. I had difficulty calling or briefing. Until the start of the tournament, (Call and briefing) went well, but after the tournament started, I couldn’t keep up with the atmosphere. Also, in some scenes, I was not in a situation where I was going to die, but I died, so my play stopped. The scene where I threw a smoke screen with a jet and died right away is memorable.” Evaluate yourself. Regarding the overall performance of the season, he said, “I am not satisfied with the performance. It seems to be disappointing in all areas. Looking at the stats, I am ranked first, but there are many things I regret in the in-game play.”

Of course, Jung Jae-seong had confidence in the future. “Every time we have a tournament, the team’s ability and team composition are increasing. We are also adapting to the environment of the tournament,” he said, expressing his feelings at the halfway point of the season. I thought this was a strong team, but as I caught all three teams, I think I will win the rest easily,” expressing confidence in the victory. 메이저사이트

The goal of DRX, which is on a winning streak, is the world stage. Jung Jae-seong stands out in the league as an attacker who handles the ‘operator’ that DRX lacked, and is even heard that it is the last puzzle of DRX. Regarding the world stage, Jung Jae-seong said, “I did a lot of scrims in lock-in. I was rather confident while doing scrims. I didn’t feel a big difference in level compared to overseas. If I do well, it’s possible to win.”

Next, Jung Jae-seong said, “There were a lot of unfortunate situations in this game. I will make up for the bad parts and come back. Please always watch over me” and finished the interview with the fans.


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