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Former manager Kim Yeong-deok, the first professional baseball champion, dies at the age of 87

Former manager Kim Young-deok, who led the OB Bears to win the first year of Korean professional baseball, passed away on the 21st. He is 87 years old.

Former director Kim is a Korean-Japanese born in Kyoto, Japan in 1936. His parents were from Hapcheon, South Gyeongsang Province.

After graduating from Zushikaisei High School, former coach Kim joined the Japanese professional baseball Nankai Hawks (now Softbank Hawks) in 1956 and played an active role as a key pitcher until 1963.

After finishing his career in Japanese professional baseball, former coach Kim came to Korea in 1964 at the late age of 28. When he first came to Korea, he had a hard time because he was not familiar with the Korean language. However, he conquered the domestic unemployment league with a slider that was no different from Korea at the time. In his first year in the league, he appeared in 33 games and threw 255 innings, allowing only 9 earned runs. His earned run average was only 0.32.

The deceased, who continued his career as an athlete at Crown Beer and Hanil Bank through Korea Shipping Corporation, began his leadership career in 1970 when he was appointed as a manager and player at Hanil Bank.

In 1982, with the launch of Korean professional baseball, former coach Kim, who was in charge of the first command tower of OB Bears in 1982, led OB, who was evaluated as a mid-level power, to the first champion of Korean professional baseball, and earned the title of ‘the first championship command tower of Korean professional baseball’.

Afterwards, former coach Kim continued his coaching career at Samsung Lions and Binggrae Eagles (currently Hanwha Eagles). In particular, after taking charge of the new team Binggrae, which was only 3 years old at the time, in 1998, he showed remarkable leadership by leading them to the Korean Series 4 times.

After that, former manager Kim left the field after finishing the LG Twins 2nd team manager’s job in 1998. In an interview in 2017, he said, “I wanted to keep the promise I made with Hanwha Chairman Kim Seung-yeon that I would not be the first team manager again.”

Former coach Kim, who recorded 707 wins, 20 draws and 480 losses (a win rate of .596) in 1207 games as a Korean professional baseball command tower, was highly respected by his juniors as an elder in baseball even after ‘retirement as a leader’. 바카라사이트 Recently, he also served as the first pitcher for the Hanwha Eagles’ KBO League home opening game in 2018.

Former director Kim’s mortuary was prepared in Room 3 of the funeral hall at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. His funeral is at 10:30 am on the 25th. His resident is his son, Kim Seong-gyu.


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