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‘Fixed in 6th place’ KT coach Seo Dong-cheol “The defense was excellent”

“The defense was great.”

KT manager Seo Dong-cheol cited defense as the driving force behind a fierce match.

Suwon KT Sonicboom won 76-73 in a match against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Pegasus in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league held at the Daegu Gymnasium on the 4th. With the victory on this day, KT became 17-21 and ranked 6th without a ride.

Coach Dong-cheol Seo said, “It is fortunate that we were able to raise the atmosphere that could be sluggish by winning a valuable first win. I prepared yesterday to avoid it, but (that kind of thing) came out well today. I think I was able to play a good game because there was no difficulty inside.” 

KT was able to win by showing a high level of concentration. However, there was also a chaotic atmosphere in the middle of the match.

Coach Seo said, “Our team plays with ups and downs. Concentration and chaotic atmosphere are repeated. Still, I think the overall concentration of the day was good. I was disappointed in the attack, but the defense was excellent. The defensive part is the players. I want to give a lot of praise to the players,” he said, highly appreciating the good defense.

Coach Seo said in an interview before the game that his goal was to tie Lee Dae-seong of Korea Gas Corporation with less than 20 points. However, Lee Dae-sung scored 23 points that day.

Regarding this, he replied, “I thought it was less than 20 points, but it was exceeded. I feel regretful because it exceeded the goal. I gave a lot of points in the middle of the game, but fortunately, the good control at the end was the winning factor.”

On this day, Kim Dong-wook, who plays the role of Altoran, did not participate.

Coach Seo said, “First of all, I tried to emphasize defense. And in offense, (Yang) Hong-seok and Jarrod (Jones) were in good condition. (Ha) Yoon-gi did well today without ups and downs. I use it when shooting or flow is not smooth, but Hongseok, Yoongi, and Jerrod all did well today so that Dongwook could rest,” he praised Yang Hongseok, Ha Yoongi, and Jarod Jones.

Among them, Jarod Jones struggled with only 3 points in the previous match against Samsung, but he made a big success on this day and led KT to victory. Jones scored 19 points, including five 3-pointers.

Lee Jei Anoshike, whom coach Seo selected first, was also a good 3-point shooter. Head coach Seo Dong-cheol chose many players with good shooting skills in the process of selecting foreign players from the time he was in charge of the women’s basketball KB in the past. 슬롯사이트

“I don’t do that on purpose. When I pick foreign players, I pick one that’s inside and one that’s in-and-out. But these days, a player equipped with a three-point shot can play more options on offense.” he explained. 


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