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Filling the vacant seat of ‘Leaving Yoris’ with ‘Obscene Ceremony’ GK… Manchester United vs Chelsea

Tottenham are planning to replace Hugo Lloris’ vacancy with a World Cup Golden Globe winner.

Tottenham have been trying to find a replacement for the team’s veteran goalkeeper Hugo Lloris since last winter.

Lloris has been a Tottenham goalkeeper since 2012, but he has been criticized for overlapping injuries and sluggishness this season. Due to an injury sustained during a game in April, he will not be able to play for the rest of the season.

Jordan Pickford (Everton) and David Raya (Brentford) have appeared as substitutes through local media, but no news of specific interest has been heard and it is unclear whether they will be recruited.

In the midst of this, Tottenham has risen to the forefront in the recruitment battle for the top Premier League goalkeeper, who is likely to transfer this coming summer, and the possibility of replacing Lloris immediately has emerged.

Argentine media TyC Sports reported on the 12th (Korean time), “It is true that Emiliano Martinez will change teams.”

Martinez, the Aston Villa goalkeeper, is from Arsenal and has been on loan for a long time and has not seen the light. However, before the 2020/21 season, he moved to Aston Villa and his skills were in full bloom. Equipped with excellent saving skills and quick wits, he quickly developed into one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League.

At the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, he won the championship as the goalkeeper of the Argentine national team and won the Golden Globe. 토스카지노

At the time of the award, he received a lot of criticism for presenting an extraordinary ceremony that smelled obscene.

TyC Sports commented: “Martínez is having his best showing. He is the heart of Aston Villa. His performances have attracted the attention of the big clubs in the Premier League and Aston Villa don’t look bad at selling him for a hefty cash.”

He continued, “Tottenham is the leader among major clubs interested in Martinez, followed by Chelsea and Manchester United.”


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