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Encouragement instead of insults, no wonder ‘Son of Daejeon’ Hwang Inbum wants to come back.

That dream hasn’t changed.”

Daejeon Citizen was a club synonymous with incidents. Plagued by draughts and a dysfunctional front office, the team struggled.

Surprisingly, the team produced star players like Lee Kwan-woo, Kim Eun-joong, and Choi Eun-sung, who formed the backbone of Korean soccer. At the end of the citizen’s club, Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos) earned the title of “Son of Daejeon” and showed growth before leaving for Vancouver Whitecaps (Canada).

After a long time, Daejeon became a corporate club that was acquired by Hana Financial Group and recreated. Last year, the team won promotion from the K League 2 (second division) through the promotion playoffs.

The 16th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023, held at the Daejeon World Cup Stadium on the 4th, was attended by major figures such as Ham Young-ju, Chairman of Hana Financial Group, and Lee Jang-woo, Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City.

There were also many events. Actor Lee Do-hyun, who left an impressive performance in the drama “The Glory,” appeared as the starter and kicked the ball against the crossbar.

Hwang In-beom appeared in a good mood. He received a plaque of recognition. Hwang In-beom also donated money to Daejeon City through the Hometown Love Donation Program.

When he met with the press during the game, he said, “This team is very special to me. I watched the game when I was in Russia and Greece. When I saw the fans on the screen, I realized that there were many fans from my childhood,” he laughed.

Recalling his time with the Citizen’s Club, Hwang In-beom said, “It’s great to see people who had a hard time during the dark times cheering with so much energy and smiling.” He expressed his admiration for the fans’ unwavering love for Daejeon.

Hwang’s thoughts were echoed in the match. Just two minutes into the game, Masa shook up the defense with a decisive shot. More than 1,000 Incheon away fans also raised their voices, creating a festive atmosphere despite the seriousness of the duel.

With Daejeon playing an aggressive game, Incheon looked for quick counterattacks and it worked. All of their goals, including the penalty kick, came on the counterattack.

In the past, Daejeon’s crowd culture would have been bad with harsh language, but as a corporate team, Daejeon has changed 180 degrees. Even after conceding a goal, the applause continued. There were shouts for a goal, but no criticism of the performance. The last-minute boos were directed at Incheon and the referee, but they were part and parcel of the game. 메이저놀이터

After the 1-3 defeat, the players circled the field and everyone clapped and cheered them on. It was a mature and passionate fan culture in Daejeon that showed why Hwang In-beom would definitely come back to play for Daejeon after his European career.


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