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Edgar, coming back to his parents after overcoming injury, “The most special Daegu in my life, I couldn’t part like this”

K-League 1 (Part 1) Daegu FC looks high. Coach Won-kwon Choi (42) has been appointed as the official command tower, and he is preparing for another challenge through a significant change in the squad. Still, everything didn’t change. There are some familiar names. Tall (191 cm) striker Edgar (36, Brazil). From 2018 to last year, he played in 95 K-League 1 games wearing only Daegu uniforms in Korea and scored 35 goals and 15 assists.
However, the identity is slightly different. They are classified as ‘recruited players’, not existing members. In March of last year, he left the line due to an Achilles tendon rupture sustained in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) playoffs and terminated his contract with Daegu. It was even more regrettable because he suffered an injury at the time he was improving his performance by scoring 1 goal in 5 league games.

The surgery was rather easy. The long rehabilitation was excruciatingly painful. Still, I didn’t give up. After gritting his teeth and enduring, he returned to the pitch and joined hands with Daegu again. It’s a reunion like fate. Recently, when we met in Namhae, South Gyeongsang Province, the first winter training center in Daegu, Edgar’s expression was very bright.

“When I left Daegu last year, I thought it would be difficult to come back (even after recovering from an injury). I thought the K-League would be impossible. In a not short period of time, the team has grown and left a good footprint, so there was a bit of hope, but we had to see the reality. While I was rehabilitating, I also thought, “It will be a little difficult.” 메이저사이트 However, Daegu’s proposal came. I had to accept it unconditionally.”

To be honest, Daegu isn’t the only team that has had contact with Edgar. Surprisingly, not a few K-League teams showed interest. There was also a club that consistently observed from the rehabilitation. Of course, there was only one option. He said, “Separation is also important. I didn’t want to end with Daegu and injury, full of happy memories and good memories. I couldn’t stand the last time here being stained with the word injury.”

On the flight from Brazil to Korea, the word that passed Edgar’s head was ‘love’. “I am a very happy player. I received a lot of love in minutes. The fact that the team proposed again to me (injured) means that there was a lot of anticipation. We have to repay this.”

Edgar continued to watch Daegu’s extreme ups and downs last season, even from afar. He knows very well that his beloved team suffered relegation from the K-League 2 (second division) and that his teammates suffered. “Even if Daegu was in the K-League 2, I would have come. I really love this team. Of course, there were many more things to do… .”

Of course, his shoulders are heavy this year as well. The goal is also clear, such as entering the top group of the final round and winning the FA Cup. Fortunately, I am in good shape. He is gradually increasing his intensity and is diligently switching to ‘actual mode’. Edgar said, “My mission is to harmonize with my colleagues and fulfill my duty as an attack point to maximize the chance of victory.” My team and I all grew up here. He can only be remembered forever. In my mind, I still think I can do it for three more years.”


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