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Curry, ‘available to play’, returns to Phoenix on the 11th?

Probable. Words that thrill Golden State Warriors fans were engraved. The return of Stephen Curry (Golden State) is imminent.

Local media ‘ESPN’ reporter Kendra Andrews posted on her SNS on the 10th (Korean time), “Curry was marked Probable against the Phoenix Suns on the 11th. Golden State expects Curry to make a comeback, at least over the weekend.”

Curry suffered a shoulder injury during a game against the Indiana Pacers on the 15th of last month. In the process of attempting a last-minute steal in the third quarter, he suffered an impact on his left shoulder, and the diagnosis was a partial dislocation. He fortunately avoided his surgery. 안전놀이터

Golden State, despite Curry’s injury, performed well with Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson at the forefront. Golden State, which was 14-15 before Curry got hurt, went 6-5 after that. However, after the recent 5 wins in a row, they lost 2 in a row, and the momentum was somewhat dampened.

Curry is a key force in Golden State that cannot be replaced. He averaged 30 points, 5 3-pointers (43.4% success rate), 6.6 rebounds, 6.8 assists and 1 steal in 26 games this season. If Curry returns healthy, Golden State can not only relieve the physical burden of overloaded substitute resources, but also aim for a mid- to upper-level jump through more powerful offense.

Even if he misses the Phoenix game, it is clear that Curry’s return is imminent. According to reporter Kendra Andrews, it’s likely not past mid-January. Golden State will play away games against the San Antonio Spurs on the 14th and the Chicago Bulls on the 16th.


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