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College football fair play mentality goes against the discipline review… Chairman Byun Seok-hwa and the two coaches bowed their heads

On the 25th and 26th, the final match of the 59th Spring University Football Federation, Hansan Daecheopgi and Tongyeonggi, was held at Sanyang Sports Park 3, located in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam. In a competition boasting history and tradition in which 85 universities participate, the faces of college football officials were dark. Sighs came out from all over the place, and even after the tournament was over, they couldn’t smile brightly. This is because of the controversy that occurred at a recent college football game.

The beginning of the incident was the semifinals of the Tongyeonggi competition between Yonsei University and Kyonggi University on the 23rd. In the ninth minute of the first half, Yonsei University scored the first goal and took the lead. However, both teams soon showed no intention of attacking. From the 10th minute to the 33rd minute in the first half, 23 minutes passed helplessly. During the game, some players from Yonsei University showed some leisure in lifting. The game ended with Yonsei University winning 2-1, but both teams received strong criticism.

The reason for the scene that caused a lot of controversy was the strategy of the two directors. Leaders of both teams used tactics they had prepared for the final. Kyonggi University, which judged that it was weak compared to Yonsei University, prepared a ‘counterattack after the players’ defense’ when they lost the first goal. Gyeonggi University adhered to this strategy and was able to advance to the quarterfinals. Yonsei University understood this intention and did not attack it hastily.

It seems that the two coaches cannot discuss the strategy they brought out in the semifinals. It is impossible to discuss the decline in the level of college football as a whole by looking only at fragmentary figures. In the tournament, there is no authority to impose coercive sanctions on each team’s strategy to ‘attack’. It is said that the game was properly resumed only after the game supervisor at the time pointed it out to the coaches of both teams about three times.

The blame should be focused on the fact that both teams went against the spirit of fair play during the match between Yonsei University and Kyonggi University. Dankook University coach Park Jong-gwan met with reporters on the 25th and said, “The two teams should respect the coach’s thoughts on how to run the game,” but “It is true that the spirit of fair play was lacking. He deserves to be punished for it.” A footballer I met on the field also pointed out that it was “something that shouldn’t come out.”

As the controversy grew, Byun Seok-hwa, president of the University Football Federation, bowed his head. Chairman Byeon, who met with this magazine on the 25th, said, “As the president of the federation, I would like to express my apologies for this situation. It was a match that did not fit the eye level of a footballer. It’s something that should never happen again. This situation is not just a problem for leaders. wrong with me We will work together to prevent this from happening in the future.”

Kyonggi University coach Kwon Hyuk-cheol said in writing, “It is basic to do fair play, but there are realistically difficult parts in the part of living in the game world. However, he did not give the players guidance that went against the spirit of fair play. (I) was very obsessed with winning in the semifinals. If there is something lacking, I will develop into a more mature leader.” 스포츠토토

Yonsei University coach Tae-ho Choi, who we met after the game on the 26th, said, “To be honest, we were going to go with a strategy of counterattacking (if the other side raises the line), but (the platform didn’t come up), so I was so embarrassed. It was the first time in his 18 years of leadership (a game that kept his playing time flowing), so he didn’t know how to deal with it. It was my first experience so I was inexperienced. I will try to solve it well in the future.”

This is a matter to be reviewed. The rules of the federation competition state that ‘participating teams must do their best in all games in accordance with the spirit of fair play’. It is known that the Korea Football Association (KFA) informed the College Football Federation the day after the game that it should hold a reward and punishment committee to discipline. An official from the University Football Federation said, “After the tournament is over, we will decide whether to hold a reward/punishment committee for the two coaches.”


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