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Coach Klinsmann and Chairman Chung Mong-kyu are outraged… The discourse has become disingenuous, not football.

Never before. A coach who made ‘disloyalty’ a topic of discourse surrounding the national soccer team.

Jürgen Klinsmann’s South Korea drew 0-0 with Wales at 3:45 a.m. ET on Sept. 8 at the Cardiff Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

A day after the final whistle, the soccer world, which is supposed to be discussing performance and tactics, has been overshadowed by the controversy over Klinsmann’s disloyalty.

Upon his appointment in March, Klinsmann vowed to be “‘on the ground’ and in charge of the national team, just like his predecessor, Paulo Bento”. But so far, this has been a blatant lie. Klinsmann has spent only about 70 days in the country since taking over, and more than 90 days abroad. Some of the overseas stays were necessary, such as the Asian Cup draw, but there were many things about his personal schedule that were hard to understand.

Plus, before the A-Match, he did a skit where he was an ESPN panelist from his home in the US. You may have to watch the game to evaluate it. And when it involves South Korean players, it’s understandable.

In August, Klinsmann watched and commented on a game of Inter Miami, where Lionel Messi is playing, and said, “Messi is fantastic. I’ve been watching him play, and I’ll be watching him in the future.” It was hard to believe that he would travel to the U.S. to watch Messi, a player with few connections, when he could be better off observing and analyzing K League players for a day.

The skit in the A-match paled in comparison to the previous controversy. The draw against Wales ended Klinsmann’s five-match winless streak. After becoming the longest winless manager in the 21st century, Klinsmann laughed and asked Welsh star Aaron Ramsey for his jersey after the game. He also gave a shameless interview in which he said he did it “because my son wanted it,” showing no sense of responsibility to South Korea.

Here’s the roster for the late Gianluca Bialli’s charity match. Chelsea FC and FC Bayern Munich will play a charity match for the late Gianluca Bialli on September 9, and Klinsmann’s team was included in the list. The KFA dismissed the reports through an official. We’ll have to take that with a grain of salt, but it’s hard to do so given Klinsmann’s record so far in charge of the Korean national team.

Unfortunately, all of these off-field controversies could have been swept under the rug with a good performance. If Klinsmann had taken over and won, this could have been a positive story. He’d be doing his job well, and the criticism would likely be muted. But Klinsmann’s record is abysmal, and his performances are even worse.

In March, Klinsmann’s team played Colombia (2-2 draw), Uruguay (1-2 loss), Peru (0-1 loss), and El Salvador (1-1 draw). They also drew 0-0 against Wales in the first of these away trials. The fact that they opened with El Salvador, when they are considered to have a huge home advantage, can be criticized.

Immediate opponents Wales alone had won just one of their last 12 games prior to the match. With a crucial Euro qualifier against Latvia on the horizon, the Welsh weren’t even serious about the game. “We didn’t want to play this game (against South Korea) because we’ve got an important Euro qualifier coming up,” Page said in his post-match press conference, according to local media outlets including Wales Online. “We didn’t play our hearts out and conceded a header to Kieffer Moore that was on target, so it was a hard-fought draw.

Our performances have also been on the decline of late, with the player himself admitting in June that he was “not playing as well as I did in March”. The further away from Ventojo you get, the worse the performance seems to be. In the recent game against Wales, the BBC said after the game that “South Korea had possession, but Wales were more threatening.”

South Korea is set to host the Asian Cup in January 2024, the most important intercontinental tournament of the year. The country is desperate to win, and with players like Son Heung-min, Kim Min-jae, and Lee Kang-in playing for big clubs, expectations are high. They have the talent to win the tournament, but the question is whether they can do so under the current Klinsmann regime.

The discourse during the A-match, including that of Bento’s predecessor, was about the national team’s performance and tactics. Football fans discussed which players to play and what tactics to use. But the current discourse is about Klinsmann being dishonest and what might have happened. So far, this hasn’t happened.

Klinsmann is largely to blame, but he has shown this behavior many times in his career. Aside from his acclaimed early years with the German national team, there have been controversies with FC Bayern Munich, the U.S. national team, Hertha BSC Berlin, and others.

KFA President Chung Mong-kyu Chung has a lot to answer for. He could have gotten away with it, but he didn’t. At the time of Bento’s appointment, there was a rational decision-making structure represented by technical chairman Kim Pan-gon and former vice president Hong Myung-bo.

However, this collapsed, and Chairman Chung Mong-kyu had a small or large influence on the decision to appoint the coach. Therefore, responsibility is inevitable. In addition to the national team issues, such as the controversial amnesty for match-fixers, Chung Mong-kyu has shaken up the soccer world, so it is questionable whether his system can continue. 토토사이트

At a time when Korean soccer is preparing for the upcoming Asian Cup and planning for the future, we can’t help but worry about the integrity of the coach. Klinsmann and Chung Mong-kyu have a lot to answer for.


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