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Coach Choi Moon-sik, who was treated unfairly in Malaysia, “filed a complaint with FIFA for insulting treatment”

It seems that coach Choi Moon-sik, who recently resigned from his position as the head coach of Malaysian club Kelantan FC, was treated unfairly in the local area. Director Choi’s agent drew attention by revealing that the owner of Kelantan was unfairly intervening in the locker room and causing various problems such as overdue wages.

The Malaysian media <Malay Metro> revealed that through an interview with Myeong-ho Jung, CEO of JMH Sports Agency, Choi’s agent who is leading a leadership life in Kelantan, that coach Choi had been unfairly treated by the owner of Kelantan, Norijam Tukiman. .

Kelatan, led by coach Choi, is in 13th place out of 14 teams with 1 win, 1 draw and 5 losses in the 2023 Malaysia M League, where round 7 was held. It’s a very good ranking, but considering that there are still a lot of season schedules left, I wonder if it’s a bit hasty. There was a gap of about two games to the middle ranks, so it was a situation where it could turn around at any time if you got on the flow. However, Kelantan sacked coach Choi on the 6th and switched to acting coach Rezal Zamberi Yaya.

In the process, coach Choi seems to have been greatly insulted by the owner of Norijam. In an interview with <Malay Metro>, Agent Jung Myeong-ho, who contributed to Choi’s entry into Malaysia, revealed, “The owner of Norijam lied to the fans without telling the truth.”

According to <Malay Metro>, agent Myung-Ho Chung said, “The owner always cursed at the players. In the locker room, he was always fighting with the coach or the players. The players were witnesses.” will do,” he said.

He also mentioned the owner’s oversight. Agent Jung Myeong-ho said, “Every round, the owner attended the manager’s player selection meeting. Last week, the manager couldn’t even select players. The players refused to train because they had not been paid for two months. 메이저놀이터 The owner told the players to train. They threatened, but the salary was not paid,” explained Tim Sahwang.

<Malay Metro> agent Jung Myung-ho said on social media, “The owner always threw a hat and a water bottle. Every time he told Choi, ‘If Kelantan loses, go back to Korea.'”

Agent Jung Myung-ho said, “I’m going to keep revealing about this team because I have a lot of gratitude for the Kelantan fans. I have something to say to the owner. It will be good,” he warned.

Meanwhile, <Malay Metro> reported that Norijam Kelantan, the owner of the club, denied the allegations made by agent Chung Myung-ho.


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