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Chaniolo, who Tottenham missed, is likely to go to Turkey after becoming a ‘Nakdong River duck egg’

It is highly likely that a player who could not be bought by Tottenham Hotspur will go to Turkiye.

Italian national winger Nicolo Chaniolo, who plays for AS Roma, is a player Tottenham has been continuously targeting since 2020. However, in the meantime, the transfer fee was too expensive, and Chaniolo was not satisfied with Tottenham. At the end of last year, when he actively promoted a January transfer while experiencing conflict with the Roma club, Tottenham once again showed interest. Chaniolo, who knew he could pick and choose the team he wanted, insisted on going to AC Milan.

Roma tried to send him to England’s Bournemouth, which fetched the highest transfer fee, but the player and his will did not match. In the end, Tottenham signed Arnaud Danzuma, and Milan abandoned the signing due to lack of funds, leaving Chaniolo to stay in Roma.

After the transfer failed, he tried to reconcile with the club and manager José Mourinho, but the club were unwilling to accept Chaniolo. In particular, Dan Friedkin, an American businessman, adhered to the policy of taking a hardline response rather than being swayed by Chaniolo.

After the January transfer window closed, Chaniolo’s situation became difficult, and the Turkish clubs rushed. Since the transfer market closes on the 9th (Korean time), Turkiye is often visited by players whose transfers in the big leagues have been canceled or who are in a difficult situation. 메이저사이트

There was even a recruitment competition. According to ‘Gacheta dello Sport’, etc., Galatasaray was close to signing first. The contract period is until June 2024, but Chaniolo is demanding a low buyout clause of less than 30 million euros (about 40.4 billion won) that it requested. It is to re-enter the big leagues later. While negotiations continued on this clause, Min-jae Kim’s former team, Fenerbahce, joined the team. According to ‘Sport Italia’, Fenerbahce will largely accept Chaniolo’s requirements and plan to beat Galatasaray.


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