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Atlanta player watching Miami “We can do it too”

DeAndre Hunter (25) made up his mind to advance to the second round of the playoffs.

According to the news announced on the morning of the 28th (Korean time) by reporter Kevin Chnard, who is in charge of Atlanta at Hawks.com, Hunter was impressed by watching the great upset of the Miami Heat (hereinafter referred to as Miami).

“They’ve had two play-in tournaments and they’ve proven it, and we’ve played one,” Hunter pointed to Miami. “They got the eighth seed and then they beat the number one seed and we can do the same for the Boston Celtics (below).” Boston) made a firm commitment ahead of the 6th game.

The Atlanta Hawks (hereafter referred to as Atlanta), to which Hunter belongs, is losing the series 2-3 against Boston. Atlanta, which plays an elimination game (losing elimination) in every game, will play Game 6 in front of home fans.

Hunter is a player with excellent defense and decent 3-point shooting ability. So he’s been pivotal in controlling Boston’s aces Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and he’s in charge of Atlanta’s perimeter guns.

Above all, Hunter’s performance is good enough to record +1 court margin while playing an average of 37.1 minutes in 5 games even when the series is losing.

Hunter wasn’t the only one who was on fire watching Miami’s game. Boston players were also impressed by Miami’s performance.

Tatum expressed his respect for Miami, saying, “It can’t necessarily be called an upset,” and “It’s a really good team, and they have coaches and players.” 크크크벳

“I wasn’t surprised, Miami is a dangerous team,” said Boston coach Marcus Smart. “We know that Miami plays differently in the playoffs and they played well against Milwaukee.”

Meanwhile, the two teams will play Game 6 of the playoffs today (28th) at 9:30 am at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


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