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After Ronaldo and Son Heung-min, Lewandowski… Bento, who was born with a ‘Wolcle suit’

The blessing of commanding a star player seems to be innate.

It refers to coach Paulo Bento, who is expected to leave Korea and take the helm of the Polish national soccer team.

Polish media reported on the 20th that the Polish Football Association is strongly considering a four-year contract with coach Bento until the 2026 World Cup. It is predicted that the appointment of Bento will be officially announced after the Polish Football Association board meeting on the 25th.

Coach Bento was pointed out as a strong candidate for the Polish national team right after he left Korea early last month after organizing his life in Korea.

Since then, reports have circulated that he will turn to England national team legend Steven Gerrard, but in the end, 토토사이트 the final choice is in the mood to be firm with Bento.

If coach Bento enters Poland, he will sit in the third national team command tower after Portugal and Korea.

He led Portugal to the semifinals ahead of the 2012 European Football Championship. However, at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Germany, Ghana and the United States were in the group of death and were eliminated in the group stage.

In Korea, he was eliminated in the quarterfinals at the 2019 Asian Cup, but succeeded in advancing to the round of 16 at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, writing another success story in his life as a leader.


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