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“A faster ball? Why not?” ‘170 km record’ Angels super prospect’s confidence

Ben Joyce, 22, was selected by the Los Angeles Angels with the 89th overall pick in the third round of the 2022 draft. Joyce became a hot topic in college by throwing the fastest ball in college baseball history. When he played at the University of Tennessee, Joyce recorded a ball speed of 105.5 mph (about 170 km/h).

On the 24th (Korean time), the US’MLB.com’ said, “Joyce recorded an average ERA of 2.08 with 20 strikeouts and 4 walks in 13 innings for the Rocket City Trash Pandas of the Double-A minor team under the Angels.” Joyce, who was chosen, participated in the major league spring camp and is expected to advance to the big leagues this season.”

“I’m really excited. I’m in the locker room with these people and I learn from them every day. It’s great,” Joyce said of her first major league spring camp. said.

Joyce is refining her new weapon this spring camp. 카지노 “I think my slider is the biggest addition this offseason,” Joyce stressed.

Joyce showed great confidence in posting a faster velocity beyond his college record of 105.5 mph. “I’m sure. My body is so good. Last live pitch I was good,” he said of breaking his maximum velocity. “So I think I can hit that velocity. Maybe I can throw a little bit faster. It feels good. There’s no reason not to.”

As for making it to the major leagues, “That’s my biggest goal. I’m just trying to make an impact as quickly as possible. Obviously the faster I go up, the better for me. I think I’m ready to make an impact in the major leagues this year.” told

Joyce revealed that he observes Mike Trout up close. “The whole pitching staff is great. It’s great to see their day-to-day life,” he said. “I also watch Trout’s day-to-day life. I grew up watching him play. You can see what they’re doing. It’s pretty good to see.”


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