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A 19-year-old prospect entering the MLB who donated all of the prize money to the catcher Lee Man-soo, a ‘special junior’

Lee Man-soo, the first catcher to enter the United States, has delivered heartwarming news.

On the 26th, Lee Man-soo Hulk Foundation Chairman Lee Man-soo announced through SNS that catcher Eom Hyung-chan, who was selected as the winner of the 6th Lee Man-soo Catcher Award, donated all prize money and injuries to the developmentally disabled baseball team and Laos baseball.

Eom Hyung-chan, a graduate of Gyeonggi Commercial High School, is a super prospect who was selected as the top 3 catcher along with Kim Bum-seok of LG and Kim Geon-hee of Kiwoom. Um Hyung-chan signed a contract with the Kansas City Major League Baseball in July. He is the first player to play in an overseas league among all previous Lee Man-su-po award winners.

Chairman Lee Man-soo said, “Last year’s player Hyung-Chan Um’s hitting was surprisingly good. In 2022, his batting performance was 82 at-bats, 32 hits, 3 homers, and 30 RBIs in 21 games, with a batting average of 0.390. A great record as a catcher,” he praised his juniors. . “The important thing is Hyungchan Um’s excellent throwing ability. Seeing him throwing to first, second and third base during practice or at the stadium, I once again confirmed that he is the best catcher in Korea. In addition, catcher Eom Hyungchan is also excellent at blocking and framing. He is by far the best,” he said, emphasizing his excellent defense.

Chairman Lee said, “When a runner on first base steals second base, the right eye should always be able to see the runner. First, you need to identify and record all the strengths and weaknesses of the pitchers on your team. More importantly, if you focus on the pitcher’s ball instead of just receiving the ball from the bullpen during practice, you will be able to figure out which ball is being thrown from which form.” I didn’t forget the words.

Also, “What I want to ask for most of all is to learn the offensive ball mix well in the American Major League, the home of baseball. 메이저사이트 Rather than running away or fighting, the catcher leads a more powerful and speedy game with an aggressive ball mix that identifies the pitcher’s strengths. I sincerely support and hope that he will become a good actor.”

Lastly, Chairman Lee concluded by saying, “I hope not only to succeed as a baseball player, but also to become a person who dreams of a better world through baseball, which is the goal of our foundation.”

The 1 million won prize money received by Eom Hyung-chan was given to children with developmental disabilities, and baseball equipment worth 4 million won was given to the Laos baseball team.


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